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India’s #1 Platform For Celebrations
India’s #1 Platform For Celebrations
Half Million Happy Guests
Half Million Happy Guests
Stress-Free Experience
Stress-Free Experience
One Stop Solution
One Stop Solution

Magical virtual celebrations

Birthday child focussed
Digital theme invites
Digital theme invites
Evibe anchor
Evibe anchor to entertain guests
Digital wishes platform
Digital wishes platform
Secure private video conference
Secure private video conference
Fun virtual theme backgrounds
Fun virtual theme backgrounds

Customers Love Icon virtual celebrations

Tailor made packages for you

Happy Vibes
₹1999 ₹999
Stellar Vibes
₹5999 ₹2499
Ultimate Vibes
₹5999 ₹3499
Private video conference
No of unique guests logins 102025
Complimentary virtual theme invite
Complimentary Digital wishes platform  
Evibe Anchor to host your party
Fun games 3 4
Total Party Duration 60 minutes 60 minutes 90 minutes
Choose Choose Choose

Addons for more awesomeness

Virtual Santa

For this christmas, Santa wants to meet you on screen & tell you short story. He will sing and dance with you for your favorite songs for 20 min.

Magic Show

Mesmerise your guests with fun magic performances for 20-30 mins to entertain kids & adults at like

Video Recording

Get the entire party raw recording delivered in 5 business days post party. If you want to manage this yourself, we can make a co-host to get this done.

Dance Party

Get a dance pro to get your guests moving and also teach everyone to do fun and easy party dances for 20 minutes.

Unique Birthday Greetings

Ventriloquist Puppeteer Josef wishing the child with his Muppet and singing a song, joke and live chat according to the child's age. Duration: 2 - 5 min and suitable for ages 3 and up

Live Puppet Show & Magic

Live Puppet show and magic by Ventriloquist Josef - includes magic birthday song. Duration 20 min. Suitable for ages 3 - 7

Virtual Backdrop

Get your party decorations covered with virtual birthday theme backdrop and balloons

Take Over

Take over for an additional one hour after the party to have some family conversations or play games yourselves.

Female Anchor

Get a female anchor to welcome, greet and entertain your guests and the birthday child. These are extra charges

Language Preference

Get an anchor who speaks your mother tongue to have local masti.

Harry potter show

A special artist whose place is decked up with harry potter theme will showcase the tour, read short character highlights and do a quiz for about 20 minutes.

More Fun

Other entertainment activities like Digital Caricature, Puppet Show, Clown Show, Craft Activity, etc, are available on request

Virtual celebrations: All new possibilities

Travel Free
Travel Free
No more traffic, commute, hotel booking etc. Celebrate from the comfort of your home.
No Geography Limit
No Geography Limit
All the friends & family across the globe can be together.
Everyone’s on the video to celebrate the special occasion and they’ll just do that.
Lifelong Memory
Lifelong Memory
Unique experience and a lifetime memory for you and your guest.

Frequently asked questions

  • is the one-stop platform to plan celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries & more completely stress-free. Evibe is a top rated and trusted platform by customers and has touched over half a million happy guests. With the new innovative Virtual Celebrations offering, Evibe is helping people across the globe to celebrate their special occasions.

  • Virtual celebrations are just like your normal parties but happen over a video call and are a lot more fun. The entire experience is designed around the birthday child and is professionally organised with an experienced anchor to welcome, greet and entertain your guests.

  • Currently, we partnered with Zoom to organise the video call with all the privacy settings ensured. We are also working on our own video conference app reimagined with celebrations as core

  • Just like we want to protect your privacy, we want to do it for other customers too and hence we cannot provide you with the link to a complete virtual celebration. However, you can checkout this short video mashup:

  • The maximum of 20 unique logins is designed to have minimal technical glitches and to engage all the audience. With more guests joining beyond the limit it becomes hard to engage and we charge extra on pro-rata basis for the same.

  • We provide you with a unique link that you can use while inviting your guests. On this page, your guests can send wishes and dedications such as videos, messages, photos, sing poems, songs etc to wish your child.

  • The platform will be private and forever free for you to come back and reminiscence all the wonderful wishes from your family and friends.

  • Absolutely, you can share the list in the party details form once your booking is done.

  • Yes, our invites are designed for personalisation. At the time of booking, you can upload your child’s picture.

  • All our anchors are experienced, background checked and trained before. We assure you a professional celebration experience.

  • English is the primary language to host the party. If you are specific about having any other language, please choose the “Language Preference” add-on, we will try to match with the best anchor suiting your requirements.

  • The entire party script is prepared by Evibe and the anchor will just execute during the party slot you have booked. So we don't have any option to talk to the anchor before your party.

  • Our digital invitations are complimentary and are personalised with your party details. However, we have 6 templates for you to select at the time of booking . Please note any other customisations can be taken on request and for extra charges.

  • We have curated games list that are suited the best for virtual parties and it is provided to you for selection at the time of booking.

  • We take multiple parties for a day and we usually keep a 5 minutes buffer just in case. So, if you need any extension beyond that you need to let us know while making a booking, it would be chargeable on a pro-rata basis.

  • We have tried over 100 games and shortlisted the best ones that can work well online without any extra arrangements or efforts from your side. We have hosted virtual parties for all ages and we have games mapped out accordingly. Post payment, you will receive a party form to put in your details along with the games list for your selection.

  • Virtual backdrop is a feature on zoom so we suggest you test your zoom with a dummy theme image as a virtual backdrop on your device. If it works, you can opt in for this customised theme decorated backdrop image instead of doing elaborate decorations at your home.

  • A team member from will be your point of contact as the whole script is prepared from our side and you will meet the artist directly at your party time on the video call. The team member details will be mentioned to you when you make a booking.

  • If you are interested in hiring an anchor for your surprise, we can change the games format and it is a lot of fun for all ages. Otherwise you can opt in for a guitarist, stand up comedian etc as well and we can help you with the details and charges

  • It is working well with most of the Indian Internet connection. To give you an example - it would work well with 1 MBPS connection. We however suggest you to have a test run from your side before you make a booking.

  • Zoom is a software that is free for 45 minutes where the customer needs to manage everything. We are using zoom enterprise account which doesn’t end at 45 minutes and our services are bundled with artists to take care of the entire party

  • If you opt for an add-on like magic show, puppet show etc. It will start after one hour session is concluded by the host

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