5 Games That You Can Play On Your Next Virtual Party

Your next virtual party may be a class reunion or office Friday party or it can be anything but it isn’t a party without a few fun games. Let take deep breathe and get out of the Rangoli drawing competition era. The times and the dynamics have changed completely for games that we play in parties as well. Thus, we bring 5 amazing games that you can play on your next virtual party. Let’s get started.

Where is my balloon?

This one is very simple. Place a balloon or anything you want anywhere in your room, try to partial hide it. Then reverse the camera of your phone so that your party people can have a look at your room for 10-15 sec. Then once you say stop, the one who reveals the exact location of the balloon first wins the game. It’s like Where is Waldo but with a twist.

Speak the object

This one is really a fun one. When we tried this at our last office virtual party, everyone went on a laugh riot. So the concept is every object is associated with some kind of sound for example if we say pen then there is a click sound of pen closing or writing sound that closely sounds like soft scratching. So, the host will say the name of an object and the one who makes the correct sound gets points. Simple? Hahhaha try this one and let us know how it went.

Guess the correct image

This one is simple but with the potential to create a laugh riot. So take 10 famous images and show its zoomed version top the participants with a 5-sec time limit. The one who guesses the image right gets points.

Theme-based Bingo Card

This game may sound a bit nerdy or geeky but people enjoy it. Suppose you guys are having a small virtual get to gather. Now everyone in the party is a die-hard fan of Lords Of The Ring. As an organiser of this game, you can create a LOTR based bingo card and mail it, everyone, in advance. Done. You can get started with the LOTR bingo. Bingo cards can be created for anything, favourite series, movies, books, events, celebrity etc.

What If..?

This game for your next virtual party is inspired by one of the most anticipated Disney+ & Marvel series called What If..? The game can go something like this – Put anyone on the stage and create a scenario like – What If Rahul sees a Ferrari with keys in it? What will Rahul Do? Now everyone has to extend the scenario like- Rahul will take the keys and return it to the owner of the car or Rahul will take the keys and when the real owner comes back will create a scene for stealing the car. Now Rahul will judge the best answer and that guy will get points.

Here we go, 5 amazing games that will make your next virtual party amazing and memorable. Next week we will come up with 5 more innovative games that will rock your birthday party. In the meantime please let us know your experiences with these games or if you have come up with any new virtual party games, we will definitely include in our next blog post.

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