5 Reasons Why You Should Go For Celebrate Virtual Party

At evibe.in we have pledged to help people celebrate their big and small moments in every possible way. Because if you see life, it is a combination of small moments which we sometimes forget to live or take account for. Thus, we bring the concept of a virtual party so that life remains the same even in these trying times.

Reason 1 – You love to be in a known crowd

This lockdown or quarantine has confined us to our houses only. It might have been ages you have met your gang and had a great laugh together. But most importantly you miss the crazy talks about random things with your gang. Thus, what can you do to get that experience again and be safe at the same time – Yes!! Virtual Party.
Invite your gang to a crazy party filled with fun games hosted by talented anchors and get the party started.

Reason 2 – Every party can be a nicker or pyjama party

Remember the times when you used to spend hours or even days in some cases to figure out what you are going to wear to the pub? Yes, that was excruciating for all of us. And we thought so much about our dresses, not because of your friends, it was because of other people who would be in that place. So, get into your favourite sweatpants or nickers or pyjamas and get the party started.

Reason 3 – BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze)

Remember when you had to take into account everyone’s favourite booze for your house party? It’s really tiresome because one of your friends like rum while the other won’t drinks anything else that brandy or beer. So, while shopping you had to buy every kind of booze. But now, in your party invite you can mention that this party is BYOB, bring your own booze which you may or may not pay for, but it will save you from all the hassle. Isn’t it great?

Reason 4 – Theme based party

Yes, so on next May 4th, your virtual party will put you in space along of the death star because through the virtual party you can create n numbers of the theme easily and have loads of fun with your friends and family. Recently we had a space-themed birthday party in which kids went berserk.

Reason 5 – Personal Wishing Space

A unique innovation from the house of evibe.in where while the party goes on, you can post videos, images, wishes or music on a platform which will be shared with everyone. And that page can be live as long as you want. Thus, the moment that you were celebrating will become memorable forever plus it will be with everyone’s wishes images and video which means double the fun.

There you go, like Deadpool say – Maximum Effort, but in our case – No Hassle & Maximum Fun. Get your party slippers and sweatpants ready for your next celebration and make your special day memorable with amazing features and obviously, with super awesome people. In comment let us know if you have any more reasons to celebrate Virtual party. The best one will get a free party from us.

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