5 Movies to Watch with Your Boyfriend on His Birthday

Yes, it’s his birthday but you can’t go outside and have fun because of COVID-19. But there are a lot of things that you can do at home which will make his special day memorable. You can always get awesome surprise decors for him along with customizable cakes from our website, but apart from that if your boyfriend is a big movie buff then here are 5 Movies to watch with your boyfriend on His Birthday.

Deadpool 2

This movie, as per Deadpool, is a family movie and trust us you two should watch it together. It will make you laugh like anything and at the same time there is ample romance that can bring the romantic capes that you will love. And if your boyfriend is Marvel and DC fan then the two hour movie will last for 3 hours because he will pause the movie a lot to explain the jokes though you know all of them, by heart.

Hum Appke Hain Kaun

This quintessential Bollywood movie will bring the joy of celebration and happiness to the surrounding for sure. No doubt its over the top at so many levels but we guarantee that there is no one person in this world who ever had enough of this movie ever. The songs, the jokes will definitely make your day.

Baby’s Day Out

This amazing, nostalgia filled movie will bring a lot of childhood stories that will add up with the fun of the movie. Some people say its somewhat like Home Alone but this classic movie has its own fan base. The adventure filled scenes will definitely make your day amazing for sure.


This is one of the best comedy Bollywood ever produced. But watching it now will be more fun because of all the memes that have been made through out the movie. So along with the funny scenes you will be having a long discussion about different memes that you two have come across.


This movie changed the way Indians perceived romance. There is a high chance that your bf might hate the movie in the past but this time you might be snuggling to him and no one can deny the charms of Kind Khan.

Here you go, any of these movies will make his day for sure. You can except a lot of laughs and we guarantee awesome after talks that will make your day as well.

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