5 Unique Birthday Parties Theme

In this growing world, no one wants to be ordinary or follow any kind of routine celebrations. Always keeping that in mind, we tend to continue the never-ending search to do some out of the box birthday party theme.

Whether honouring a birthday milestone or just looking for a new way to celebrate another trip around the sun, finding a unique birthday party theme can help you create a truly unforgettable event. While birthday party themes were previously relegated to kid’s parties exclusively, today more and more people are realizing that themes are just as fun at age 35 as they were at age 5. 

Without further ado, let’s round up some unique birthday party themes!

A rainbow on my birthday!

They say, “We find happiness in rainbows”. So why not get them to our birthday party too, for some extra happiness! This birthday party theme itself gives a really happy and peaceful vibe. Since we all love more and more colors around us, especially the really cool rainbow colors, this theme surely satisfies our likes. While you can definitely go all-out with this theme, the inclusion of tablecloths, a photo backdrop, different flowers, a really pretty colourful birthday cake and festive dress code can go a long way in creating the rainbow vibe. Plan a surprise party with the rainbow theme and “Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud”! 

Party like in the 80s & 90s

A theme that never gets old and is perfect for any age group: “a fabulous ’80s bash”. As the famous saying goes, “Old is gold”, no matter how much we advance in life we always get back to the olden rituals and traditions. And one of those is the 80’s birthday party theme. This birthday party theme gives you a lot of energy and enthusiasm with the glittery decoration and all the bright colors. The party invitees can be asked to retro up a bit which will automatically change the mood of the party. Play some all-time favourites of the ’80s and get the party started!

Space it up your party

The classic space party will be one of the most unique ways of organizing a birthday party. Making it a little monochromatic and modernizing the timeless theme with an elegant twist will make it even interesting. The details that make this space party are simple: everything black and white. Lots of swirly, twirly accents to make it feel like the Milky Way, and obviously put stars and spaceships on everything you can. Costumes in this party will be super fun as well as you can take it over-the-top or keep it simple with some chic star makeup. Feel small at the space party and let the birthday girl/boy shine bright like a star!

Birthday Party – Mermaid Style

It’s often said, “Be as endless as the ocean and as timeless as the tides”. Such one is a mermaid party theme which not only makes the kids happy but also the young and old ladies. To add a hipster twist on the classic mermaid theme, get a beautiful mermaid dress or an embellished denim jacket as ‘mermaid vibe’ for the birthday girl, an amazing backdrop suiting the theme, shell-shaped plates and napkins, a cream cake with shell and mermaid shaped cookies and toppings.  This is a great example of taking a classic theme, layering on an additional element, and creating something that feels completely fresh and new.

Birthday soiree! 

Another perfect theme that can be adjusted for kids or adults alike is a camp-themed birthday party. A backyard campout is the very best kind of campout. Can you ever imagine a plaid blanket could be a rad backdrop? But works wonders in a camp-themed party. Let all the cakes, cookies and birthday props resemble animals and plants to give that natural feeling. You can also move it to an evening event and complete with a bonfire and cocktails. 

The “Major takeaways” of this are – these days there are a lot of ways you can celebrate a birthday party but choose the one which is more suitable for the birthday girl/boy and to the surroundings. 

1.       Shimmery-Rainbow theme

2.       80’s birthday bash

3.       Space themed party

4.       Boho Mermaid theme

5.       Camp themed party

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