5 Novels That You Can Gift Your Boyfriend

We always seek guidance from others. We reach our teachers or parents and sometimes to our parents. But there are a few who seek guidance from novels and books. A few find books and stories as a medium to escape. And if you are in love with these creatures then there is a high chance that we might be having a great time with all the romantic dates with intellectual talks and complaining about how the movies ruined his favourite books. Nevertheless, when it comes to buying gifts for them you must be aware that nothing makes him smile from ear to ear like a hardcover book. So we bring you 5 novels that you can gift your boyfriend. 

A Walk To Remember :

So here is a secret about this wonderfully painful gift. This book will make your boyfriend love you even more. This is a classic written by Nicolas Sparks. There are countless movies inspired by this classic but none of them came close to the book. So you this is one of the best novels that you can gift your boyfriend

From our survey, true story, 85% of readers of this book cried like a baby, rest 15% are just evil walking in human forms. Yes, this book speaks about the true and pious idea of love that a high school girl has. How a brat falls for her is how his life gets mystified by her love.

The book details small things that the boy does for the love of his life during her last stage of cancer. You can plan a beautiful and romantic candlelight dinner under the stars just like Landon & Jamie. It will melt his heart and there is a huge chance for waterworks. So get prepared. 

The Glass Palace :

This novel is a gem. This is one of the best novels that you can gift your boyfriend. If your boyfriend is a history buff plus a sucker for romance and love stories then this masterpiece by Amitav Ghosh is the perfect book for him. This book will take him to the colonial time of Malaysia and India and will tell him the story of three generations of friends and family.

Set in the backdrop of the early stage of independent India and its flaws, this book will quench his thirst for historical information. One the top of it, the books show multiple situations of forbidden love and the complications involved in the simple life of the main characters.

The storytelling will baffle your boyfriend for sure. And if he wants to be a writer someday then this book will set benchmarks for him. 

The Alchemist : 

You must have heard about this book and you need to gift this novel to your boyfriend. We don’t consider this as a book. We think of this as a journey. A self-journey.  Filled with spiritual metaphors and magic, this book will make him question very vital things of life and as he approaches the end of the book he will find the answers.

His answers.

This all-time classic by the Maestro Paulo Coelho gives a different perspective of life and its going. We trying to say good things about this book is an insult to the book.

We suggest you buy two copies of this book, one for yourself too because this book will make you fall in love with life. 

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty :

Secret Life of Walter Mitty will make your boyfriend come to peace with his thoughts. Which thoughts are we talking about?

Thoughts of jumping from building to save people and to be smarter and cooler than anyone else. This book is for everyone who wants to escape the present and be in their world where they are heroes.

James Thurber will stretch your boyfriend’s imagination to some comfortable and uncomfortable aspects.

This is a true friend of every escapist plus this book will also give travel goals to some of the beautiful places on earth. 

The Power Of Subconscious Mind : 

We don’t consider this as a book. This a weapon for anyone who can yield. This non-fiction will seem something different about the tactics that explain one thing – If you want something from your true mind, it will manifest itself. The book is internationally acclaimed. Gift this book to your boyfriend to make him realise the true power of the body we carry. This will lead to a different path for him which may change his life altogether. 

Thus these are are some of the great novels that you can gift your boyfrined. Moreover, books are magical for sure. They change lives and sometimes bring people together. As they say, words are always mightier than anyone and anything. Let words mesmerize your boyfriend and let you become the best girlfriend ever. 

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