5 Out Of The Box Surprise Birthday Gifts For Your Girlfriend

“Surprises are the best part of life, they add colors to life”, they say. Surprising is such a beautiful way of telling how much a person means to you on their birthday. Everyone loves to be surprised because it makes their birthday unexpectedly special and that’s the magic behind surprises. So we bring you 5 out of the box surprise birthday gifts for your girlfriend. 

You can think of hell a lot of surprise birthday gifts, but at the same time, you get confused about which one would best suit your girlfriend. Thinking out of the box is the millennial way of searching for gifts but don’t forget to stay close to your girlfriend’s thoughts, likes and dislikes while doing so. Don’t just go too out of the box that she might feel the gift irrelevant or complex. So here are a few “out of the box” ideas for surprise birthday gifts for your girlfriend on her birthday. Let’s try and make it special!

Mirror O Mirror Who Is Prettiest In The World?

Starting off, everyone loves to wear “everything” new on their birthday. And when it comes to girls, they are even particular about what they wear especially on their birthdays. So gifting her “the outfit of the day” would be the best. With all the experience you had with her and her shopping style or taste of fashion, give her the best outfit including sandals/shoes, any ornaments, suitable make up and any particular thing your girlfriend won’t skip wearing. Trust me, girls being girls, this is going to work on everyone. Happy shopping!

Surprise your girlfriend with the outfits that she loves

Let’s Capture Us & Freeze The Moments 

A gift which touches her heart would always be something which contains the pictures of you both together. Pictures capture the moment which cannot store in our eyes, she would love to recollect all the memories or the moments both of you spent together. But greeting cards or albums are old fashioned and may always tend to tear out, so you can create an online or soft copy album consisting of pictures of you two. Add a little text about every picture describing that moment or how you felt at that moment with her. Happy writing!

Capture all your memories and surprise your girlfriend

Let The Party Date Begin

Everyone would wish to celebrate their birthday with all of their friends, which is not possible most of the time. But you can make it possible for your girlfriend! Decide on a party place and a perfect plan to celebrate your girlfriend’s birthday party. Invite all her friends and ask them to keep it a secret. Take her to the place once everything is ready and make her birthday a blast! Happy planning!

Celebrate surprise birthday party at amazing cafe's and ice cream parlors

A Date In The Sky

Giving every new thing a shot is no harm, such a new adventure is ‘Sky Dining’! Take your girlfriend on a sky dining date and give her a different and the most adventurous experience on her birthday. Make it a memorable dinner which she can never forget. Don’t forget to carry a bouquet along to add color to ‘elevate’ the feeling! Happy sky dining!

Surprise your girlfriend with awesome cloud dinning with amazing chefs

Lights Camera Love 

Sometimes it is difficult to express feelings directly, so we opt for many other options for conveying our feelings. One such great way of speaking your heart out is making a video. Express all that you feel for your girlfriend and let her know her place in your life. Keep it sweet and short so that she will understand what you think of her and feel for her. You can even ask any of her close ones to do such videos to make her birthday even special. Happy shooting!

Make customized videos and surprise your girlfriend on her birthday

It is not a difficult job to find an apt gift for your girlfriend. All you need is to understand her likings and small things that she really loves. But sometimes we run out of ideas or have very less time to indulge in the process of gift selection for your love of life. In that case, these out of the box ideas will help you out for sure.

1.       Outfit of the day

2.       Memories album

3.       Surprise party plan with ALL the friends

4.       Sky dining date

5.       Short video expressing feelings

All in all, whichever surprise gift you choose to give your girlfriend, do every single thing related to it with all your heart and she will automatically love it!

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