5 Out Of The Box Surprise Birthday Gifts For Your Boyfriend

Celebrating boyfriend's birthday

There is a common stereotype that it’s very easy to buy gifts for boys. Let us clear the fact that we are talking about gifts and gifts only. From our experience, we know that girls tend to surprise their boyfriends more than the other way around. But that doesn’t mean buying a gift is easy peasy. Thus, If you are confused or don’t have much time to think about a perfect gift for your handsome hunk, then do not panic. We bring 5 out of the box surprise birthday gifts that you can give to your boyfriend. 

Your Nerdy Fool 

With the Avengers Endgame, everyone literally lost their mind and suddenly everyone became a nerd. The term earlier was an insult, but now it’s a compliment. If your boyfriend is one of those mad Marvel or DC or Star War fans then your job is super easy. Try to find the movie or series or franchise he is crazy about. Then, find merchandise related to those series or movies or franchises. For example – If your boyfriend is a die-hard fan of “Breaking Bad”, well who is not?, then a simple poster saying “I am the one who knocks” will blow his mind away for sure. 

If he is a Potterhead, Harry Potter fan, then you can give him one of the wands from the Ollivander’s. You can actually see your boyfriend casting spells with that wand. It will be a sight to remember for sure. 

The Bibliophile You Love

It’s very tricky to buy books for a bibliophile. Well before that, there is no greater gift than books for your bibliophile boyfriend. The tricky part is the taste of books. Imagine this scenario. Your boyfriend loves books by Amitav Ghosh. So for his birthday, you gave him a Chetan Bhagat or Ravinder Singh book because you thought he likes Indian Authors. Let us tell you here – According to your boyfriend you committed a sin. He may not forgive you ever. So you need to do some research here. Bibliophiles are very picky and moody when it comes to books. But at the same time, they are highly passionate. So here is a hack to get the books or authors he likes. 

All you have to do is to start a conversation saying Chetan Bhagat is one of the best writers of India. You may see his eyes on fire and some cuss words as well but if you listen minutely he will tell you all his favourite authors and books. Note them and buy them for him. You will become the best girlfriend ever. 

Your Private Chef :

Boys who love cooking are one of the most passionate and creative people. If your boyfriend has a profound love for the arts of culinary arts then you need to get him the latest blenders or oxy fryers or the new Nescafe smart coffee maker or something that he has in his amazon cart since ages. 

And if you see, you will be most benefited in this whole process. He will definitely cook for you and you will experience the blast of flavours in your mouth.  Success!!!

Cinephile That You Adore :

If you are in love with a cinephile, then by now you would have witnessed countless enacts of some classic scenes or some of you important problems might be answered with some famous dialogues. And you still love him. We are with you. And if you want to surprise your cinephile boyfriend then you find out about his all-time movie and throw themed parties like – The Godfather theme birthday party, or Star Wars theme birthday party and gift some merchandise as well. Done. Now you are the best girlfriend in the world. 

Your Personal Tech Support :

If you are in love with a tech & gadget freak and on the top of that he is an early adopter, then gifting him is really easy. We understand your romantic talks may start from the Qualcomm snapdragon in new Samsung phone or with the SSD drives in his gaming laptops. But you fell for him and to give him the best surprise birthday gift, all you have to do is to start a controversial statement – Like Apple phones are better than any other phone or Samsung is going to kick Apple’s ass.

The monologue may start from Apple and Samsung, but it will lead to everything and you get things that he is more passionate about. Keep asking him questions, he will never notice and tell you what he is really excited about. Done. 

Thus getting a surprise gift for your boyfriend is indeed easy if you know and understand him well. A gift has to be something that means, yes I listen to you, I care for you, & I am trying to follow your interests and likings. There is no better gift than understanding and acceptance. Let him be a movie buff or gamer or cooking freak, your gifts will let me know that you accept the way he is. Viola…. Again you became the best girlfriend in the world.

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