7 Things One Should Not Do On A Date

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A date is a very intimate affair. It’s that sweet & romantic time you spend with your special someone to show them your admiration & care for them. The time you put in so much effort for it to be exceptional. The moment when the time stops when you softly hold hands. The things you do for love. Oh, those lifetime worth of beautiful memories that make you go gaga every time you think about them. Goosebumps! But these events can turn into a disaster by small unplanned mistakes & ruin a perfectly thought out date, which can result into this supposedly special evening turning into a complete nightmare.

Whether a first date or one of the many special ones, some things can either make or break this perfect dinner, & we are here to help you avoid these small but consequential mistakes.

1) Never be late for a date

First date or not, punctuality is the key to win a heart. A dinner date is supposed to be the extra special time you spend with the love of your life & being late for this special evening is a big no-no. After all, this dinner was planned so that the two of you could spend some more time together than usual, right? So no excuses!

2) Do not be on the phone

When you are with your partner, give your phone a break. Keep it aside. Make the most of the time you’re getting to spend together. Enjoy this time & try to know more about each other. Using too much of your phone can leave a sour taste in your date’s mouth & you definitely don’t want that.

3) Don’t talk too much about yourself

As the saying goes, ‘to be a good speaker, you have to be a good listener first’. Follow it to the T. Especially when going out for your first date. Don’t talk so much that you don’t give the other person a chance to open up. Have a proper conversation in which both of you get a chance to talk.

4) Do not forget to compliment

It’s a date. A sweet & simple dinner but time which will be etched into your memories for eternity. It’s a fact that both the parties involved put effort into looking their best in order to impress their significant other. Do not let this effort go to waste. Compliment your date. Make them feel good about themself & viola! Look at their face just glow up.

5) Don’t bring up things that might start an argument

Every couple has problems. It is normal. But try to keep these issues to resolve at bay when you’re out on a romantic night. Make this night extraordinary by forgetting about the problems & living in the moment with your darling right beside you.

6) Don’t talk about your exes or other dates

A lot of people make this mistake of talking about their past relationship or dates. Try to avoid it. This can make the other person feel uncomfortable or have second thoughts about you. Instead of living in the past, have a marvelous time with the person you are with. They might be the one for you, who knows?

7) Don’t be rude

Despite a date being a personal affair, there are other people involved as well, the staff, the decorators, etc. It is very important to be thoughtful of their work & labour which went into making the night special for you. Hence, remember to be respectful towards not only your date but also the people around. Kindness is always a welcomed gesture.

If after going through these “instructions” you think dates are tough work, do not fret. Dates actually account to pretty amazing experiences & memories. Though there are a few things you should keep in mind before heading for a date, being a little cautious is one of them. Love & feelings are sensitive affairs & should be acted upon wisely. Try to steer away from things that might offend your date partner or people around. After all having a good time is the main objective. Just be yourself, relax & try to make this time as memorable as you can. Do something unique for your love, make them happy, focus on making the most of the time you spend with them & make some romantic memories.

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