Best Indian Recipes To Have On Your Candlelight Dinner

Love is in the air all year round and what’s better than celebrating it over a candlelight dinner with your partner? Indian cuisine is all about royalty and flavour. If you want to step outside your horizon and enjoy a great meal with your partner, look no further. Here is a list of 7 scrumptious Indian dishes you can enjoy on a candlelight dinner:  

1.      FISH KEBAB

Want to give your partner  a royal treatment on your candlelight dinner? Think of skewered spicy cod and salmon patties with mustard, mace and clove, served with a mint-coriander chutney on the side. Makes your mouth water, doesn’t it? Your partner is sure to enjoy this deliciously royal indulgence.


Who says that good old Mughlai starters are only enjoyable when they’re non-vegetarian? Your partner is a digger for paneer? Problem solved. Surprise them with a tandoor roasted paneer in chilli, mint and ginger preparation. It’s sure to add spice to your special night!


While it’s never a possibility that your partner won’t enjoy  simple candlelight dinner with you by their side, chicken is a sure-shot path to any non-vegetarians heart. With the right preparation, it can tantalize your taste buds like no other dish. Enjoy a chicken preparation with whole spices cooked in a blend of rich onion curry with your significant other and turn your night into a feast. 


Who says vegetables have to be too boring for a night out on the town with your partner? This coconut-based creamy sauce with vegetables and cashews will quickly become a totally satisfying meal filled with that wow-factor that you need to impress your significant other. 


When is any Indian meal complete without the wholesome goodness of tandoori paneer, lathered with buttery goodness in every bite. Try this drool-worthy variety of heartily creamy paneer cooked in a butter sauce and delicately spiced.  Your partner won’t be forgetting it anytime soon. 


Indian food is an amalgamation of flavour and spices in the best way possible. It’s difficult to come across any part of the country that doesn’t have a fish variant that will blow your mind. Get started right away and try this fragrant dish with the lovely aroma of fennel running through it, layered with aromatic Indian spices and a robust white fish. You’ll make it an unforgettable date night for your partner. 


While the vast variety of mouthwatering dessert options from all over the country make it hard to settle on just one sweet dish for the night, Gulab Jamuns often come to the rescue. Dipped in a saffron flavoured sugary syrup, this dessert is an explosion of taste in your mouth. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, try it with vanilla ice cream on the side. You and your partner will relish the taste it leaves on your tongue for days to come.

Food is undoubtedly the most important element of a candle light dinner. It brings the whole evening together with a dash of sugar and spice and everything nice, doesn’t it? While a happy meal will lead to a happy heart, Indian dishes add that extra zing to the special night. The cuisine is a cultural mix of aromas and flavours that make the meal so classy and satisfying. These 7 Indian dishes are a sure way to win over your partner’s heart. If Indian food is something they love and crave, this list is the holy grail to the most romantic candlelight dinner. So bring your golden chariot out and whisk away your significant other into a beautiful night full of surprises and flavour. 

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