9 Uncommon Things Anyone Can Celebrate

Celebrations are fun. We all love celebrating & having a gala time with family & friends. It brings us together, keeps us happy, gives us memories to cherish, & also gives us an opportunity to relax & enjoy life to the fullest. We’re always trying to find reasons to celebrate or party, so instead of trying to find ways to celebrate, why not celebrate things that are around you? Small occasions that emotionally mean a lot to you but have never been able to express in a better way. Let’s discuss a few uncommon things you can commemorate.

1. Favourite movie/tv show Week

We all have that one movie or series we’re so fond of that we can watch or listen to over & over again & not get bored of. Just like our mum’s cannot get enough of ‘kabhi khushi kabhi gham or ‘Baghbaan’, we can’t get enough of ‘friends’. A good way to mark your affection for the movie/show/song can be by celebrating the release day of that movie/show/song.

For example – Make it a ritual that every year I will celebrate Harry Potter week or Lord of the Rings week or whatever series you like the best. Plan it accordingly. Invite your friends for the movie marathon. Set it up. Decorate your room as per the movie theme. Get movie related food like – butter beer or chocolates if you are doing a Harry Potter movie marathon This will make you relive the amazing moments you had while watching the movies for the first time.

2. Book day

Books are a big part of our  life & there is always this one particular book which has a special place in your life & shelf. Those beautiful Robin Sharma lessons or Paulo Coelho’s wise story telling, books are life changing. Right? Not exactly like the point mentioned above, this day is more about the time when you bought & completed reading that one book which turned your life upside down. 

Thus, celebrate the day your life got rejuvenated or got altered completely. No one can say that I have read a book completely & there is nothing left to learn more. It is simply impossible. 

Thus, make an event of it. While going through your favourite book, start a twitter conversation with fans or start a hashtag on Instagram, showing your favourite lines from the book. All these will add flavour to your life & to your social media accounts as well. 

3.   Becoming independent

Remember the famous line that Monica said to Rachel in the first episode of Friends – “Welcome to the real life. It sucks!!”. We all have experienced it as it is. It is tough to live on your own but it is fun at the same time. Becoming independent has made us stronger & wiser. So why not celebrate the new phase of life every year? Keep a  tab of learning that you incurred & share it with your friends on social media. It is a great way to show how passionate you are towards life. At the same time, it will work as a foundation block of your life. You can pass it to your next generation like Phill did in Modern Family – Phil’s-osophy. 

 4.    Favourite cartoon/anime/superhero’s birthday

Childhood & cartoons go hand in hand. They made our childhood amazing & our childhood would have been nothing if not for them. Monster’s Inc., Spider-Man, Toy Story, all taught us a great deal & are still a big part of our lives. Looking back at it, they were special & will always be. So why not celebrate your favorite cartoon or anime characters birthday? You can make it more fun by wearing a onesie or dressing up as them. Your own little not-at-all-scary halloween!

5.    Favourite thing/ride’s birthday

           Your first bike or laptop or your favourite dress that you bought from your own   money will always be special to you. It not only altered your life, it also made you confident & strong. Thus, celebrate your emotions attached to your first something. Share it with your friends & relive your unforgettable moments. 

6. Favourite food chain’s birthday

Now this might sound a little weird but let’s just be honest, we all have that one food chain we love not only because we like what they serve but also because of the memories we made there with our friends or family. You probably go there even now whenever possible but why not celebrate the birthday of your favourite food joint in honour of the memories you made there? Give it something special in return.

7.    First ever live concert or match

The rush of adrenaline you had in your body when you attended your very first music concert or match is unforgettable & it deserves a celebration of its own. There will be a lot of times when you will go for concerts or matches but nothing can beat the first timer.

8.    Your favourite fruit’s season

Yes! You read that right! You can celebrate an entire season if you want. If there is a season fruit you absolutely love eating & crave for the rest of the year, then why not make the most of the entire season when it’s available in the market. You can celebrate by making new dishes out of your fruit for a small get together or family brunch.

 9.    The day you overcome your fear

All of us have a fear of something or the other. Something you have wanted to do or achieve but were held back because of your fear of it. Eventually when you get over your fear & break out of your comfort zone & when that feeling of winning overwhelms you, it is something you remember for the rest of your life. You can make this day a special part of your life by celebrating it.

Honestly, you don’t need to find reasons to celebrate. Even the smallest of things in life can be celebrated. Your pet’s birthday, first tattoo, the time you met your best friend, your first pay, your favorite character or famous personality’s birthday, even that one stranger who helped you in the time of need deserves to be remembered & celebrated. Every day should be lived to the fullest. Even a lazy day should not feel like it was wasted. Celebrate, enjoy, stay happy, stay healthy, experience as many things as you can, complete your bucket list, make new goals, achieve them & then celebrate. Next time your best friend breaks up, play that break up song & party hard because your friend & you deserve it. You have only one life, live like it’s your last day!

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