10 Simple Yet Beautiful Durga Puja Decoration Ideas For Home

It is that time of the year when nobody needs to find excuses to celebrate because festivals have got you covered. The beautiful time which immerses the country into colors of yellow, orange, red & pink, & makes even the tiniest of allies bustle with happiness all around. Where the world celebrates autumn in the form of Halloween, we Indians celebrate the whole season of fall in the form of festivals.

Nav Durga or better known as Navratri, a sacred 9-day festival welcoming the devi to shower her blessings on her worshippers. The deity is welcomed with great pomp & purity in the house & is served as a special guest. Now as the saying goes in our culture, ‘atithi devo bhava’, this particular guest who is a goddess for real can not & should not be disappointed with our skills as a host & what other way is better than to impress a visitor by making our own house feel like home to them.

But how would you convert your tiny humble abode into a residence for Maa? Here are some decor ideas to make your home look more lively during the time of Durga puja.

1. Decoration with deepaks

Diyas & deepaks are the most prominently used decorative item in India since ages. When lit up, they manage to light the whole place up with not only brightness but also acknowledgeable beauty. Hence, try taking the traditional route & enhance the beauty of your house by decorating it with deepaks. Keep them not only in the temple but also the lowly lit areas of your dwelling.

2. Flower decoration

The delicacy & purity of flowers is unmatchable. They always add that oomph to the decor whenever used. Use flower garlands to decorate the walls or floating flower petals in a copper tub or any other utensil of your choice. A background of flowers will definitely give the space a holy look. If you want to do something different than the usual kind of flower decorations, you can make a carpet of flower petals for the idol. You can also use the scent of the flowers to fill the air & there you have it! A fresh, earthy aroma! Turn your house into a real phool bangla.

3. Lanterns for decor

An ongoing trend, this method of decoration is not going anywhere anytime soon. Simple yet pretty, lanterns will not only add color to the space but will also do the job of enlightening the aura of your lovely house. Hang a few strings of lanterns on the roof or let them loose on the entrance of the temple or on the back wall where the idol is kept. With just one click your doorstep will shine up. 

4. Fairy lights on display

Remember those tiny illuminating led lights mostly used during diwali? We all are aware of the wonders they can do in dazzling up the place. Make use of these bead like lights to radiate your place of worship, in the background, on the roof & places around. You can also use that infamous trick of putting them in a glass bottle & put them up like lanterns. Or make a chandelier of these lights. You can find ample of DIY videos online to help you with the process & also provide you with more creative ideas.

5. Earth pots

An underrated material for decor, earth pots, mud vessels or other clay made things can look as eccentric as you please only if you use them in the right way. Earth or mud pots can be used as containers for floating candles, floating flower petals, like lanterns, & what not. Hand paint them with intricate designs, fill them with flowers, coloured water, lentils or utilise them to store the stuff required during puja. You can also utilise them as incense stands or candle/lamp holders.

6. Rangoli

Rangolis are known as the bindi or teeka of the mother earth. Therefore, their significance is what makes them so unique as a decoration. They are vibrant, fun to make & go with the spirit of the festival. Rangolis can be made of anything- colors, flowers, deepaks, lentils & rice, or even hand painted. Try forming some new designs, patterns or come with something completely out of the box. Enjoy while you’re at it!

7. DIY paper decor

A very distinctive way of decorating is by putting in your own efforts into making the decorations yourself. Colourful paper do it yourself decoration stuff is exciting to make, reusable & also biodegradable. You can make wonderful creations out of paper like paper fans, paper lanterns, paper pigeon door chimes, paper ball danglers, paper flowers, & so on. Experiment & create.

8. Chandeliers & balloons

Adults love the chandeliers just as much as kids love balloons. Why not infuse them both in your crafty decor? Switch on the chandelier in your home or make one using diy paper techniques available online. Then use balloons to fill the floor or the backdrop. You can also stick balloons to the chandelier.

9. Fabric decoration

Fabrics aren’t only vivid but can also add a touch of personal tint. Whether it be drapes, curtains, bedsheets, sarees, pieces of cloths, lungis, etc. are all very experimental & mesmerizing. You can use these as backdrops, curtains for doorstep, as a shed or shed decorations. Whatever your heart likes.

10. Reusable things as decoration

There are always a lot of things lying around in the house tasting the dust. This navratri, take them out, clean them up & use them in one of the above given decoration ideas or come up with your. For instance, use old bowls as deepaks or stands.

This festive season, experiment, do something different & out of the box. Just like how every festival has its own flavour, add your own to the decoration this year. Make sure to use a color theme in the decor to bring out the festive vibe. Colors like yellow, white, orange & red really brings out the true essence of festivals like Mahanavatri. Festive season is all about having a gala time with family & friends. Do so even while working for the divine with a warm heart.

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