10 Simple Yet Beautiful Ganpati Decoration Ideas For Home

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The fun, dance, shlokas, celebration, and sweets mark the arrival of Lord Ganesha. An auspicious day celebrated with much love throughout the country as the birthday of Lord Ganesha. 

Every year we think of new and innovative ways to decorate our house. Like our own birthday, we decorate our houses in different ways with all the glory to celebrate the birthday of our favourite deity.  Ganpati is the time to go all creative and come up with innovative decor ideas that not just look great but are also easy on our pockets. But sometimes due to our busy schedules, we have to settle for what’s available in the market. In either way, the spirit of this festival remains high in the hearts of all devotees calling Ganpati Bappa Maurya!

Here are simple and stunning decorations for your Ganpati Pandal to beautify the home of Lord Ganesha! 

1. Coloured Paper fans:

Remember how we used to make newspaper fans as kids? the same can be used for decorating Ganesh Mandap in a playful and vibrant manner. If you want to do it yourself at home, get colourful papers, used for art and craft, in bright hues to make your decoration stand out. Fold them to make circular and half-circular pinwheels and paste them either on the back wall of the mandap or cover the entire mandap with them.

2. Drapes:

Drapes will be vibrant and great go-to decoration for any festival. Wanna try this for this years, Ganesh Chathurthi? Put your old fancy sarees and dupattas to good use and hang them vertically or create scalloped curtains behind the idol. 

3. Colourful Rangoli:

Why restrict ourselves to just decorating walls? What’s better? Spread some colours on the floor too. Make beautiful rangolis using colours available in the market or use rice flour mixed with different colours to go the eco-friendly way. You can also use rose petals or any flower petals to make interesting Rangoli patterns.

4. Flowers:

What can be a better way of home decor at Ganpati than fresh and pure flowers? Choose various flowers of different shades and arrange them in beautiful patterns. You can also arrange them in the form of bouquets or on the top of the mandap.

5. Peacock Decoration:

Use a table to create this peacock theme look. Place thermocol peacock cutouts in the front and peacock feather behind Ganpati idol.

6. Glitter Glaze:

Use a chart paper or cardboard to draw your favourite designs which represent festivities. Apply glue on the areas that you would like to sprinkle the glitter powder over.

7. Balloons:

Balloons always find a way to brighten the decorations. So, go for balloon arch as the back of the Ganesh Idol. Balloon pillars both sides will be another attractive element for decoration. 

8. Lotus Theme:

How about having a lotus theme for your Ganpati? This paper lotus is easy and looks amazing when you place your Ganesh. If you want to make it by yourself use thermocol. If you feel difficult to do, you will get it at the market. It looks elegant for the Ganesh festival.

9. Garland Strings:

Looking for a traditional look?  Choose marigold flowers. You can do it yourself by taking long strands of garlands made of yellow marigolds and hang them behind the idol of Lord Ganesha as well as on the two sides of the mandap for a marvellous effect.

10. Orchid Flowers:

If you want the decoration to be for a long time, then go for orchid flowers. Purple orchids stay fresh longer than other flowers do and hence make great adornments for decor. You can use them as an arch behind the Ganesh idol. They look pretty too, don’t they?

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