7 Gifts Every Girlfriend Secretly Wish For On Love Anniversary

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Couples always try to grab opportunities to make their significant other feel special to spice up their relationship. Especially on love anniversaries, lovebirds strive to do something different & unique every year. Where girls are usually very creative at coming up with ideas to impress their boyfriends, boys usually lack skills in this area & try to seek help from the internet.

We all know girls love feeling pampered & being spoilt. The best way to show them your love is by giving them presents & there are a few things she secretly wishes for but never says out loud. So let us help you & give you some ideas on what your lady love might like.

1. Something she loves

Girls go gaga if their beau knows their choice, likes & dislikes. It is literally the easiest way to make them happy. So why not surprise them with something they’re already into & have wanted in their collection for a long time now? So if your girlfriend is into books, then get them that book they’ve been dying to read, or if they’re into music, surprise them with tickets to a music concert if possible or get them an instrument & maybe learn with them? Cheesy but cute!

2. Made specially for her

The sweetest gesture in the history of relationships has been a handmade gift. The legend says that most of the girls wish & love receiving a gift a lot of work has been put into. A handmade card or sketch is simple but enough to make them gush. If you have a creative cell, then use it to make a miniature photo book or a simplistic polaroid picture collage. Homemade bath bombs or soaps are also very easy & lovely as gifts. You can consider DIY videos & blogs available on the internet to help you with the process. Literally made with love!

3. Customized presents

Who doesn’t love personalised products, right? Stuff made specifically for a person keeping their needs in mind is not only special but also shows how much you care for them. Hence, give her a customized perfume or body lotion or aroma oils, incense candles, necklace, ring, keychain, t-shirt, phew… to add a touch of luxury to the gift. A one of a kind gift for your one of a kind woman!

4. Shower them with love

It is no secret that women absolutely love being coddled, & they also fantasize about it. Yes, you read that correct. All the women accept that cuddling & pampering is the best thing their boyfriends could give them at any time. A bouquet, box of chocolates, pizza, wine & her favourite movie of all time or cook for her. Also take a box of ice cream for if their are some water works at the end of the movie. Your time is the most inexpensive gift she expects from you.

5. A romantic trip

Everyone deserves small romantic break every now and then & what is better than a romantic getaway on your anniversary? Plan an intimate outing to the hill station or beach she has been waiting to go to. Spend time with her, cuddle with her, talk to her & show her how much you care for her. Prepare an extra special dinner date on the hill top or at the beach. Take her to places & mark the map with your love.

6. Dedicate a song or a poem

You might need the help of your local radio station for this one. Girls really like & wish for their partner to go out of their way for them. So plan it with your local radio station & ask your lady to turn on the radio at the right time. Declare your love for her through a romantic song & you can also send in a sweet letter with it. If you want to keep it intimate then you can ask her for a dance, sing for her or play for her while she swoons in your love.

7. Make her feel beautiful

Trust me, every woman loves getting hyped by their significant other. Mark these words! Now, buy her that chic dress or just let her wear your shirt/t-shirt she feels home in, give all the time in the world she needs to look & feel good & when she walks out of the room, compliment her. Hype Her Up! She deserves those compliments for trying so hard for you, & when you get the chance, appreciate her for all she has done for you & how she makes you feel strong & loved.

Love her like you mean it. Let her know. That’s the most precious & priceless gift you can ever give her. As a boyfriend or husband, you need to understand that on this day the girl of your dreams made a commitment to be with you forever. And, we understand it is very difficult to live up to something this huge. So this is your opportunity to make her realize that she is the princess of your heart-palace and you will protect her for the rest of life. Always. 

Thus, whatever you do for her on this special day, put your heart & soul into it. She will feel your effort, and  that is the real gift for her. It never hurts to go a few extra miles for your love. 

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