How To Choose A Great Venue For Your Child’s Birthday Party

Selecting a venue for your child’s birthday may look like a daunting task in the beginning. With many lucrative options, it may be confusing to zero in on one. Here are a few factors to consider with a few options.

NUMBER OF GUESTS ATTENDING: Are you keeping it small with close friends and family or are you going big this time, inviting neighbours, playmates, classmates and colleagues. The guests’ count will help you determine the space you need. Send out the invite early, and RSVPs can help you estimate the number of people. Also, consider the availability of parking space.

BUDGET: Another important aspect when choosing a venue.

COMFORT: Do consider the comfort level of your child, his or her familiarity with the place when you feel the venue. If your child likes to explore and does well at new places, go ahead and book someplace you have never been. Also find the ease of organising, the distance from your home to the venue and comfort of food and cake delivery.

ACTIVITIES PLANNED: How many activities and entertainment have you planned? Are you having multiple entertainment booths, food bar, play area etc.? Are you having many young guests who need a lot of space to run around? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you may need a more prominent place. Also, try to use the area adequately. You can clear the cake to the snack bar once the cutting ceremony is over to use the table to keep the goodie bags.


Your Home: Like they say there is no place like home. Hosting a birthday at home can be extremely convenient. You don’t have to worry about packing for the venue and forgetting something back home. No travel time. Your child and many of your guests are already familiar with the place. The only con with hosting it at home is the cleaning up, but you can always hire help.

Soft Play Places: Soft play places are a huge hit among little kids. With a lot of active play opportunities like jumping, hopping and running around, your young guests are sure to enjoy themselves.

Outdoors: Your child outdoor party venue like a park, playground or your backyard. Many of these venues can be free or may change a lesser than the indoor places. With plenty of space you can invite as many guests as you can, and with a lot of space you could set up quite some entertainment and play booths like bubble stations, art stations etc. Outdoor areas also allow you to set up fun merry-go-rounds and other ride-on for your little guests.

Banquet Halls: Another popular venue to host birthday parties. You can choose from numerous themes for beautiful decor. Various entertainment options like tattoo artists face paintings, Emcee and fun games.




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  1. Something I always prefer while selecting the venue nearby so that max people can attend the event! Yet such useful insights! Thanks for sharing!!

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