5 Ways to Surprise your Husband Like Never Before!

Surprise husband

That tingling sensation and butterfly in your tummy feelings will start to dwindle after a few years into marriage. You might be wondering how to keep things fresh and looking for a way out. Well, it’s no secret that surprises can be the catalyst to spice up your relationship. Surprise your husband now and then on those special occasions and see the change for yourself. Every man secretly wishes to be treated lavishly once in a while and when it is fulfilled romance will find its place back again. Simple gestures, treats or gifts would be a great way to surprise your husband.

With this mind, we have listed some interesting surprises to spice up your normal and boring routine.  You can thank us later, first check out the romantic gestures to rekindle the romance.

Heart balloons and Candles Surprise

Fill up your haven with heart shaped helium balloons and decorate with candles. While balloons give a quirky look, dim-lit candles create a magical effect for your evening. You can make a rose petal flower bed from the entrance till your room and give him a royal welcome. If your husband is a private person and his idea of a perfect date is in your love nest, then this surprise is perfect for him.

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Private Movie Screening

You watched every new release as a new couple but now your movie dates have taken a back-seat? And your husband often complains that he doesn’t have company to watch his new favourite movie? Take the hint, go one step further and book a complete auditorium for just the two of you.  Your movie-buff husband can’t ask for more! Soak in romance and love with this amazing experience.

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Wine and Dine in a Romantic Setting

It is not merely said that the way to a man’s heart is through food. Great food along with enchanting ambiance will make you feel like a newly-wed all over again.  Choose something exclusive like a cabana or a treehouse to add that extra secial effect to your evening. Arrange a baby-sitter for your children and you can even spend in a night the hotel.

Surprise husband, dinner

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Surprise at Office

Wake up in the morning and act as if it’s any other day and see off your husband to office. While your husband reaches office and is still wondering about how you forgot his special day-  voila!  A bunch of red roses and box of custom made cupcakes arrives. Little will he be expecting this sort of a surprise from you. But plan this surprise only if he doesn’t mind little bit of PDA 😉

Surprise husband,flowers

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Party with near and dear ones

This surprise is perfect for your ‘family man’ husband. Send out invites to his kith and kin in advance but don’t let him get a clue. Plan a small house party with a lovely cake and tasty food for the guests. Your husband is sure to feel emotional with this gesture of yours. Plan with your party suppliers in advance to avoid last minute panic. Use lots of fresh flowers, balloons and candles to decorate the interiors of your house for a romantic feel.

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Sky is the limit when it comes to ideas for surprising your husband. Depending on your budget, plan the best for the man of your life. Just remember that a little splurge never harmed anyone 😉 Let us know how you liked the ideas in the comments section below. To check out more surprise ideas, click  here.



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