Trending Flower Decorations for your House Party!

Flower Decorations for home

Flowers are the most beautiful creation of god.  They add instant cheer to any atmosphere. Additionally, Flowers when used for flower decorations can spruce up your house for any occasion. Be it housewarming, ladies kitty party or just an old friends re-union, flowers never fail to impress.  Flower Decorations have become part of our culture and tradition, widely used for decorating the entrances, as garlands for puja room and for making flower rangolis.  With this in mind, in this article we will show you on how to brighten up your home with lovely flowers for any ceremony.


Flowers for Entrance

Flowers for torans ( flower chains for doors often woven with fresh leaves ) will give your house a divine appearance.  These floral hangings will be perfect for your front door, symbolizing the perfect welcome for your guests. Although you could use artificial flowers, fresh flowers will be much livelier and also add a fragrance to the surroundings.  Moreover, get your first impression right by using lovely seasonal flowers for your front door.

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Flower Rangolis

Rangolis and tradition go hand-in-hand. Rangolis are often filled with bright and vibrant flower petals. They are usually done in front of the living room or puja room, alternatively can be done in the courtyard. The rangolis are meant to bring good luck and prosperity to your home. These flower rangolis can be made with a minimum budget still they give a rich feel. Similarly, you could also keep urlis ( decorative bowls filled with water and floating flowers ) in the corners.

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Flowers for deities as offerings

For any ceremony flowers are considered auspicious. Flower Decorations when done in puja room, increases the sanctity of the place and gives out positive vibes. For puja purposes always use fresh flowers and fresh leaves.  You can make use of traditional flowers such as marigold as they have their own significance in the ceremonies. At the same time also opt for trends that incorporates traditional flowers in a modern way.

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Flowers for Lawn/Garden area

Enhance the aura of the place with flower decorations in your garden or patios. You can use your creativity to the maximum here as you will have a wide area to experiment. Go for exotic flowers if your budget allows you. Meanwhile chic and edgy flower decorations add an extra special touch to your house party.

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By and large, flower Decorations are sure to offer a charming and welcoming ambiance with a minimal cost. They can never go out of style. Furthermore, when done in the right way it will add a stylish contemporary look to your house. Interesting combinations can be achieved by additional use of drapes and LEDs. Get started with your spring flowers and tell us how you liked it in the comments section below. If you want to check out our full collection of flower decorations please click here.


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