Celebrations in Office, Yay or Nay?

Birthday, Celebrations in Office

If you are still pondering over the necessity of Celebrations in Office, Well, Let us tell you one thing. Studies have shown that more than the salary, it is the happiness quotient that makes the employees more loyal towards their companies. Celebrations bring out the best in the employees which in turn helps the company. Needless to that celebration is directly proportional to happiness.

Beat those Monday Blues

We all know how Mondays feel. If we can make it through Monday then the rest of week can be a cake walk. Why not have some fun activities or emcee games to start the first day of the week. The positive energy generated will last for a week and productivity will automatically increase.

Emcee Games, Celebrations in Office

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Motivation plays a key role in employee management. Celebrating an employee’s birthday in office sends out a clear message to the person that you are paying attention to him and his well-being. This connection at the personal level will motivate the employee to give his best to the company and also makes him remain loyal.

Birthday Cake, Celebrations in Office

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Team Work

Team Work, another top of the chart thing required to maintain the balance within the team. Getting your team involved in some fun team building activities will help the employees understand each other better. It will also make way for better communication. Treat your team to some farm-stays or villas occasionally. It can a great way to break the ice!

farmstay, Celebrations in Office

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Self Esteem

Recognizing and boosting an employee’s work through award ceremonies and little celebration parties pays off in a big way. It will make your employees to grow an intangible bond with the company. Recognition increases the self-esteem of the employees which in turn will benefit the organisation. Dinner Vouchers, Day in a Spa etc, are some good examples to award the employees within a limited budget.

Award Function, Celebrations in Office

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In a nutshell, Celebrations in Office can contribute to the organisation in a huge way and it also helps to bridge the gap between employers and the employee. You might be walking a tight rope between the company budgets and having celebrations in office, in that case we can come to your rescue. Check out our cost efficient celebration ideas exclusively curated for corporate offices. Click here.

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