Top 10 Inexpensive Yet Fun-Filled Return Gift Ideas For Kid’s Birthday Party

return gift ideas for birthday party

Planning for your child’s birthday party must be a very exciting affair for you as a parent. But in reality, this can get quite hectic and time-consuming. You will need to plan everything. Right from the type of decorations to what type of party caps and balloons will be needed for the party. But what about the return gifts? To show thankfulness to little kiddos for attending a birthday party and being part of a memorable celebration, return gifts are ideally the best options to say thanks. Here, you are going to find a wide variety of inexpensive yet fun-filled return gift ideas like stickers, accessories, toys, and much more. These take-home gifts are sure to make your little guests feel special and also make your party a massive success!


Pencil Boxes, Holders, and Pouches

These are suitable for any age as they look like adorable soft toys. Their shape and style are unique also it is very much useful for kids and toddlers. You can customize the boxes and pouches according to the birthday theme or according to child’s favorite cartoon.


Coin Boxes

What better way to teach a child to be financially independent and prudent? Choose from a wide range of stylish and customizable coin banks available. A money bank is no longer the traditional pink box with a coin slot on top. Now you can find a huge collection of animals, colors, and even wooden money banks.

DIY Kits

This return gift will help your child’s friends craft their own trend, give life to their creativity and experiment without the fear of failing.



return gifts for kids

No child is too young to play with Rubik’s cube. Everything about the cube makes it a great puzzle and a fantastic return gift.

The gratification is not immediate and this puzzle teaches children to be patient and plan ahead.

It helps kids improve their memory, attention and hand-eye coordination.

Board Gamesboard game return gifts for kids

There are many board games out there like snake and ladder, monopoly etc. Choose an ideal return gift from this huge collection, based on the age group and your budget.

It is not just a cure for a rainy-indoor day. It is an ideal method to teach children teamwork, problem-solving, planning, coordination and fairness.

All this in one simple return gift – a board game!

Learn Through Play

As the name itself says that learn through playing. Even as adults we love to make a play with puzzles, solving quizzes etc. Lets the creative juices in children flow.


Photo Frames

There are so many varieties of photo frames available today, in all kinds of child-centric themes! If you’re having a cartoon theme party, you can get frames in the same theme. Try to get hold of a Polaroid camera; instant photos of the kid’s new frames!



This is the ideal and best return gift idea for any age group! Books are available in all price ranges, and you can choose from storybooks or interactive ones. You can opt for board books or regular paper ones – try to get titles that are not too common since it’s likely that the kids already have them.


Lunchbox and Water Bottles

This is a great way to get children excited about the food that they eat. Often young kids play with their food and end up not consuming enough nutrients.

But to make their school-time meal exciting, you could give them fun lunch boxes and water bottles as a return gift. These return gifts can also be customized with their favorite cartoon character on it.


Glow In The Dark

A simple and fun return gift. Pick a nice “glow in the dark” accessories like mask, watches etc and help your child’s friends turn their dull and simple rooms into the Milky Way in a jiffy.

You can also find cartoon stickers, nature-related stickers and animal stickers that can be put up on the wall easily. This is a simple and easily affordable return gift for children of all ages.


So you see, whatever your budget or theme, you’re sure to find something that you and kids like. There are many other return gift ideas like stickers, watches, bags etc. Click here to find all the return gifts!

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