5 Creative Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas That Are Anything but Cliche

valentine's day proposal ideas

Has Cupid hit you with his arrow? Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days of the year to propose. It’s a day that’s already romantic, and that you know you’ll be spending together. You will be able to set up a romantic atmosphere without her getting suspicious that you might propose, and your options are limitless. Buy her roses, take advantage of Valentine’s Day specials at restaurants, and spend the day showering her with love and romance. Be sure to tell her all the reasons that you love her and how happy you are to be spending such a love-filled holiday with her. So, here are few creative and romantic proposal ideas on the most romantic day of the year.


If you’re not a get-down-on-one-knee kind of person, technology can make your proposal memorable and unique even if you’re not actually holding the ring/message of your choice.

drone proposal


Flash mob: A proposal like this will literally leave the other speechless!

flash mob proposal

Dim light and romantic music will set a perfect platform for proposing a girl!

candlelight dinner on valentine's day


A Box with a secret

surprise box


Proposal With a Mascot

mascot surprise



Whatever proposal idea you choose, we are sure it will be a moment that you and your sweetheart will never forget.

How would you propose to someone you love? Tell us in comments below.

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