8 Romantic (& Unique) Gestures to Show Your Love This Valentine’s day

valentines day surprise ideas

Remember how the sparks used to fly when you first started dating? Romantic dinners by candlelight, mid night walks along the road or beach, movies, long drives and spontaneous surprises filled the early days of your relationship. There was simply nothing that love didn’t make you do. But, with an overwhelmingly busy schedule and family life becoming the overarching norm of the relationship, the honeymoon phase has long passed. And valentine’s day is the perfect occasion where you can take a chance to experience these things, accompany your feelings and rekindle the romance.

What is there to do? Simple, we’re here to help and keep the fires burning this valentine’s day with these romantic gestures:



1. Propose Her With Flash Mob

How does it feel when a group of is dancing for your special one? Take notes boys, this one is a sure shot winner idea if you are planning a perfect surprise or a proposal for your girl this valentine’s day. You can also join the crowd for dance to make it more memorable for her. Don’t forget to capture those moments.

flashmob surprise


2. Musical Surprise

Things that cannot be expressed in words are better done with songs. Let your beautiful relation rise in tuning with romantic music! A special surprise – the melodious one.

guitar surprise


3. Balloon Box

This special gift-wrapped box, which when opened will have a flurry of cute balloons flying out. What will fly along is your message! This is bound to bring a big cheer to your love and convey your message. The giant balloon box gives you a free hit this valentine’s day, it is up to you to score a six. You can use the gift box also to just say that you care and you’re there to support your special someone through a difficult time. It is all about expressing yourself.

big balloon box surprise


4. Mascot Surprise

We all know that kid in us love cartoon characters and he/she just goes crazy when it comes in front. These mascots will carry your love with a rose bouquet and personalized gifts or messages. Surprise them the amity of memories and amour of love which will rejoice the face of your loved one with a smile and bring back a child in them.

mascot surprise


5. Long Drive On Harley Davidson

Sweep your partner away from the monotonous daily life and surprise by taking to a long drive on Harley Davidson this valentine’s day.

harley davidson experience


6. Drone Proposal/Surprise For Valentine’s Day

If you are looking for a modern way to surprise then you’re in luck! Romantic tech-fans will now be able to surprise to their other half via a professionally piloted drone, which delivers the personalized message to a prearranged location on cue.

drone proposal

7. Yummy Cupcakes

Cupcakes automatically give you an excuse to be super cheesy. Cupcakes make the perfect treat for Valentine’s Day! You can mix and match your flavors for cake and frosting, add a special filling if you wish, and then top your cupcakes with all kinds of fun embellishments.


8. Candlelight Dinner

Nothing can be more romantic than fresh, cool breeze, falling golden leaves and the aroma of fall around you. So why not use this romantic setting to impress the love of your life and make the night memorable? If a lot can happen over a cup of coffee, imagine what will happen if you take the love of your life for a  romantic candlelight dinner which lets you feel the heartfelt moments more closely, and the charming smile that’s exchanged so easy to forgive yet so hard to forget.


candlelight dinner on valentine's day



It’s always important to treasure the person that you love. Keep the sparks flying during the month of love with these romantic gestures. And before you know it you’ll be madly in love with each other, all over again.

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