A Little Miracle – A Baby Naming Ceremony Creative Craft Decorations!

cradle ceremony decorations

“It’s all kind of these profound things crashing on you when your child arrives into the world. It’s like you’ve met your reason to live”

As we all know, the naming ceremony is a traditional event held to name the newborn baby. The celebration and rituals vary based on the tradition being followed in the family.  This traditional custom helps to introduce the baby and create a lasting bond between the baby and the family. This day not only marks the christening of the baby but it is also a day dedicated to honoring the mother of the child. So, why not make it an unforgettable one for your lo and your family by opting unique and creative craft decorations.


Pom pomps and Paper Fans

naming ceremony decoration

Decorations have changed a lot nowadays. The latest trend is to have a craft theme where paper fans and pom poms are used widely as a backdrop and decorative elements. An adorable cradle set up is done separately with flowers to place your newborn baby.


Drapes and Paper Fans 

baptism decorations

Balloons, drapes and paper fans indeed the best combination for the backdrop!


Crafted Rose Flower Decoration

flower decoration for cradle ceremony

For the stage to brighten it, rose paper flowers are attached. To add more elegance to this decor, pompoms of different size are dangled to the special cradle setup.


Littleman Naming Ceremony Decor

little man theme decoration

The balloons and adorable paper fans perfectly highlight little man theme decor for your little old man naming ceremony.


Essence Of Paper Crafts

drapes decoration for naming ceremony

To have a colorful backdrop, choose handcrafted stuff for decorations because it would give a homely look and beauty to the whole ceremony. A design hand-made would convey more love and charm.


Butterflies and Paper Fans Decor

cradle ceremony decorations

You can opt the naming ceremony decoration with cut-outs of colorful butterflies, hanging pom poms, and lovely backdrop with paper fans of different sizes all welcoming your child. The place can be complemented with balloons.


Cradle Decoration

craft decoration for naming ceremony

Any event would lose its charm and elegance without flowers. You can choose artificial, original or paper craft flowers. Drench the cradle with craft flowers to spruce up the environment. Babies would love the tinge of flowers and would make the whole celebration enthralling.


Blissful Blue! Paper Flower Magic

cradle ceremony decorations

Blue is the color that can be used as the theme for your little bob naming ceremony. It resembles a divine halo over the baby’s cradle on the stage and backdrop of artistic flair will leave your guests awestruck.



Try to bring a magical feeling with any one of these craft decorations into the hearts of everyone attending the ceremony because this should not just be your special memory, but also a special time for everyone present there. Let all your guests stay at ease and enjoy the function with glee. Wishing your tiny tot a happy and glorious life ahead!

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