10 Unique and Fun-Filled Birthday Party Game Ideas For Kids In Hyderabad

trampolline for payry

If you’re planning a birthday party for your child, the burning question is always, ‘How are we going to keep all the kids who are attending the party including the birthday boy/girl occupied?’ Daunting? Just a bit! Don’t freak out, we are here with the list of most unique and fun-filled birthday party game ideas for kids which will help you to host an epic party for your kid.


Birthday Party Games


Balloon Shooting Counter

balloon shooting game for kids

Games which use balloons are more fun. Balloon shooting with colorful attractive balloons to shoot at aim. Good entertainment and time pass for kids, adults and entire crowd too.


Giant Snake and Ladder Game

snake and ladder game for birthday

A perfect party game! This is the giant-sized version of the old favorite board game. Climbing up the ladders and slide down the snakes game will be loved by all especially children.



It is becoming increasingly popular among kids in birthday parties. It is a great game for children to play at a party.

archery game for party


Dart Game

dart game stall for birthday

All of you pretty much know about this dart game where children will throw the darts and earn points. To make it little more interesting, set up gifts for points that will give all the kids talk something about long after the party is through!



trampoline for party

Hours pass off jumping on them. They create an exciting environment where time just passes off jumping on the trampoline.


Foosball game for birthday party

Foosball game is a great way to lighten the mood at a party, and have a little bit of competitive fun. It is a widely loved game. If your kid is the type who likes table games over video games? Try Foosball for the thrill of competition and fast and furious action.


Billiards Game

billiards game for party

Having a party is a great way to spend time with the people you love and like. The problem is that many adults in the parties end up sitting around. One way to avoid that is to have something for people to actually do at your party. By including a billiards table, you can make your birthday party, and your home, just a little bit more exciting.

Mini Golf Game

mini golf game stall for party

This is such a fun birthday party game that is fun for kids but hilarious for adults or youngsters.


Bowling Alley

bowling alley for party

Race Against the Ball. Kid’s can get a bit restless waiting for their turn to bowl. There are many ways you can play bowling game let’s say: Truth or Dare bowling, bingo bowling to name a few.


Bull Ride

bull ride for party

Let your child and his/her friends have fun with bull ride game! A fantastic attraction where children/players climb on top of a replica bull that is surrounded by a soft, inflatable mat. Players try to ride the bull while the electronic clock tracks their time. While players are riding, the others can have a lot of fun hence the party will be a memorable one.


With these birthday party game ideas, you can give your kiddos a birthday they’ll never forget. The more unique the idea, the more memorable the party and the more fun everyone’s sure to have.

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