10 Unique and Fun-Filled Birthday Party Game Ideas For Kids In Bangalore

trampolline for payry

If you’re planning a birthday party for your child, the burning question is always, ‘How are we going to keep all the kids who are attending the party including the birthday boy/girl occupied?’ Daunting? Just a bit! Don’t freak out, we are here with the list of most unique and fun-filled birthday party game ideas for kids which will help you to host an epic party for your kid.

Kids Party Games


Balloon Shooting Game

Games which use balloons are more fun. Balloon shooting with colorful attractive balloons to shoot at aim. Good entertainment and time pass for kids, adults and entire crowd too.

balloon shooting game for kids

Ring Game

You might be familiar with this game, we often see this game at exhibitions and every one uses to play this game to win their favorite things irrespective of age. This is a sure shot game for kids.

ring game for party


Angry Birds Game

Angry birds game is popular and all-time favorite game for kids. How about getting that silly birds, mean pigs, and crashing blocks into reality for their birthday party. Kids will love more playing the game in real than playing in mobile.

angry bird party game


F1 Race Game

Almost all little boys feel the need for speed! What better way to satisfy this desire than with an F1 race car game for a birthday party?

f1 race game stall for birthday


Mini Golf Game

mini golf game stall for birthday

This is such a fun birthday party game that is fun for kids but hilarious for adults or youngsters.



Hours pass off jumping on them. They create an exciting environment where time just passes off jumping on the trampoline.

trampoline for party

Topple and Win Game

The easy and favorite game which can be played anywhere anytime. You might be heard of a minute to win it games right, the topple game is one among them where the time is given and the kids need to topple the glasses to win the game.

party games for kids

Fishing The Bottle Game

birthday party games

We all know the birthday party game fishing the bottle game and it will be a hit at your next birthday party.

Hit The Coconut Game

As the name itself says, the game is all about the hitting the coconut which is standing still on the pillars. This game can well-verse with kids, toddlers, and youngsters.

birthday party entertainment


It is becoming increasingly popular among kids in birthday parties. It is a great game for children to play at a party.

archery for birthday party


With these birthday party game ideas, you can give your kiddos a birthday they’ll never forget. The more unique the idea, the more memorable the party and the more fun everyone’s sure to have.

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