20 Most Popular Yet Creative Theme Birthday Cakes For Boys

birthday cakes for boys

Sports, space, and cars. . . our little boys are made of oh so much more! Whether he’s a superhero-in-training, an enthusiast of all things that go, or an adventurous safari seeker, we’ve dug up some of the popular and creative theme birthday cakes for boys out there of all ages. Keep reading, and get inspired to make his big days special!


Birthday Cakes For Boys:


Littleman Cake                                                           Harry Potter Cake

little man theme cakeharry potter theme cake


Finding Nemo Cake                                                       Krishna Cake

underwater theme cakeKrishna theme cake



Mcqueen Car Cake                                           Jake and Neverland Cake

car cakejake and neverland pirate cake


Carnival Theme Cake                                           Batman Cake

carnival cake

batman theme cake



F1 Race Car Cake                                                           Chota Bheem Cake

f1 race theme cake

chota bheem cake


Aeroplane Cake                                                               Angry Birds Cake

aeroplane cakeangry birds theme cake


Avengers Cake                                                                  Spiderman Cake

avengers theme cakespider man theme cake


Lego Themed Cake                                                  Noddy Cake

lego themed cake

noddy theme cake


Farm Theme Cake                                                   Doraemon Cake

farm theme cake

doraemon theme cake


Prince Theme Cake                                                     Motorbike Cake

prince theme cake

motor bike theme cake



Doesn’t this list take the cake? Be sure to check out all our theme cakes for a birthday party!

As always, we hope you’re inspired to get your kid’s favorite cake and celebrate!

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