12 Gorgeous And Delightful Themed Birthday Cakes For Girls

birthday cakes for girls

When it comes to birthday cakes for girls it’s all too easy for small imaginations to run wild. There are a plethora of themes; favorite characters to be depicted in icing, and don’t forget the need for bright colors and sparkle in edible form. Getting a distinct cake that meets the birthday girl’s expectations, doesn’t take much time, and is achievable, can be a tall order. Here are 12 creative and delightful themed birthday cakes for girls to take out some of the hard work for you.


Frozen Cake

frozen cake

When thinking of birthday cake for girls you simply cannot avoid Frozen and the mass craze that continues to take the world of primary-aged girls by storm.

Jungle Theme Cake

jungle theme cake

Wild inspiration! Jungle-themed decorated cakes continue to be an extremely popular motif for kids birthday party. The animal dolls were so perfectly modeled from fondant which gives the entire display a lively and fun look.

Sofia Birthday Cake

sofia birthday cake

Thrifty and Chic create a very chic and feminine cake by covering it with beautiful rosettes.

Princess Birthday Cake

princess birthday cake

Who says a princess cake has to be frilly and pink? This princess-themed birthday party had a simple and beautiful cake that proved you don’t have to go over the top to be royal!

Tiara and Ruffles Birthday Cake

tiara and ruffles birthday cake

Every girl is a princess on her birthday. Your little girl may not be of noble blood, but she gets the royal treatment anyway – after all, she’s royalty in your eyes. Make cake time at her next birthday party even more magical with a cake made especially for her royal highness – like this pink and lilac fondant princess cake.

Mermaid Birthday Cake

mermaid theme cake

Dive in! This gorgeous and whimsical mermaid theme cake in teal and purple will stun you and presides over the whole party.

Barbie Doll Cake

barbie doll cake

Younger girls who spend much of their time twirling around dressed as their favorite princess will love a princess doll cake. The cake comprises the doll’s skirt and the method can be used for Barbie or any Disney princess.


Fashionista Theme Cake

fashion birthday cake

Pink satin slippers top a pink ruffle cake. Your little dancer will love this!


Hello kitty Themed Cake

hello kitty theme cake for birthday

This sweet and colorful Hello Kitty cake was just perfect!

Owl Cake:

owl cake

You’ll have a hoot! Owls are still pretty popular creatures in the baby industry – because they’re just so darn cute, we can’t help ourselves. If owlies have captured your tot’s heart, too, why not celebrate her next birthday with an owl cake?


Princess Castle Cake

princess castle cake for birthday

How beautiful is this castle cake! This magical princess castle cake will be sure to impress a girl on her birthday.

Birthday Age Cake

minnie mouse theme cake

usually, the tradition was to place candles on top of the cake would represent the age which your girl had reached; how about getting the birthday cake indicating the age. You can go for only or you can blend the age with any theme.


Doesn’t this list take the cake? Be sure to check out all our theme cakes for a birthday party!

As always, we hope you’re inspired to get the cake and celebrate!

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