Freeze This Precious Moment – Maternity Photo shoot Ideas!

Shower plans are in the works, the nursery is getting cuter by the day and you’ve even started scoping out the perfect baby announcements. So what’s left to do before your little bundle of joy arrives? An awful lot, we’re sure, but one thing you definitely won’t want to miss out on is the chance to snap some creative pregnancy pics of that cute belly. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to snag some inspiration from these photoshoot ideas and document your little bundle of joy’s life from the beginning!


Balloons are one such object that can make the whole atmosphere lively and cheerful. They represent your bump and the whimsy of childhood.

maternity photoshoot


Adorn your glow with a floral crown to celebrate your natural beauty in the great outdoors.

pregnancy photoshoot


Having your husband hug you from behind is a great pose for showing off the belly and still feeling natural.

maternity shoot ideas


Have a classic profile view to showcase your bump along with a heart shape prop to incorporate baby’s gender on it.

maternity shoot


You don’t even have to get them to look at the capture if you ask your husband to kiss your tummy.

pregnancy photography


Spell out your baby’s name, gender or any message you like!

pregnancy photos


Announce the due date/coming soon with the chalkboard sign.

maternity photography


So, come and capture the joy, beauty, significance, and experience of pregnancy,  as you step towards the most beautiful phase of your life – Motherhood.

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