6 Creative And Lovely balloon Decorations to Melt Your Spouse On Special Occasions

balloon surprise ideas

Surprises are the instant wonderful things happen in everyone’s life. When you promised to spend the rest of your life with your spouse, you might not have realized that you were also committing to making his/her birthday or your anniversary memorable and special every year. But you were. That might sound like a tall order, but it doesn’t have to be. Incorporating the element of surprise – even in the simplest fashion – can make birthday or anniversary memories that will last a lifetime. It can be as simple as balloon decoration. Balloons and balloon decorations are always the most favorite part of any celebration especially when it comes to surprise. The balloons charm up the mood and give soul to the celebration. Here are some lovely balloon decorations for your spouse on birthday or anniversaries at home.


Balloons And Rose Petals

balloons and rose petal decoration




Polka dot and heart-shaped balloons are romantic and can be used for creative and room decorating on Special Days. The rose petals create an awesome complete for the decoration thus helps in the creation of romantic memories.






Heart Shaped Balloons

heart shape balloons




One of the modern way of the balloon and room decoration or best way of adding romantic accents to your decor is adding danglers and stars to tell your better half that you love him/her out of the world.






Love Theme

heart theme decoration




Nothing can celebrate the occasion more than balloons! If you want to make the celebrations bigger, choose this love theme decoration. Balloons are made into a heart shape and you can attach your lovely photos to the balloons to make it even more romantic. You can choose colors of your choice or based on your significant other’s favorite.






Anniversary Theme

anniversary decoration






This giant heart-shaped balloon arch will be perfect for your anniversary celebration, with shiny streamers as the backdrop and love notes on them will be an added attraction to the decoration and celebration.





Balloons Stands

surprise balloon decoration

Got bored of seeing same old balloon decorations? Then you might like this balloon decoration. This will be perfect for every special occasion you celebrate. The balloons are made to stand using stone weights.


Love In The Air!

helium balloon decoration





Decorating your Bedroom or living room with some red and white romantic heart shape balloons on the ceiling and some on the floor are a unique and unusual way to surprise your spouse.







No matter how you decorate your room with balloons, what matters is your love and respect towards your spouse and your patience in making the occasion very special. So, do not forget to use our balloon decoration ideas to make your room look lovely just with balloons. If you have any other balloon decoration ideas, please do share in comments.

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