Top 8 Romantic Things For A Couple To Do In Bangalore

romantic places in bangalore

There’s something in the air here in Bangalore that makes you fall in love with ‘love’. The vibe, the vibrancy, youthfulness, the passion that the city offers make it difficult for anyone to lock up their heart for long. So if you’ve fallen head over heels or if you’re checking the waters with someone new there are so many romantic things to do in Bangalore for every love driven soul in this gorgeous city. It’s about a particular place or something that you do that makes you go weak on your knees no matter how long you’ve been together. For couples who wish to feel the keen sting of love, Bangalore is the right place to be… Willing to let your beloved know how much you love them? Heart-melting, mushy, and absolutely dreamy we give you the top 10 most romantic things to do in Bangalore.


Couple Parasailing

parasailing in bangalore

If you and your partner are an adventurous soul then fly high with this paragliding experience. This is one perfect romantic thing for a couple.

Movie Marathon Under The Stars

movie watching experience under the stars

Nothing can get as romantic as spending a time with your man than enjoying the movie at the starry sky. You could either take a cake along or make a cake with some bread and jam, in a classic movie style. This will be one experience that you will never forget.

Microlight Flying Experience

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Love in the air!

Everyone would have at some point in life wanted to fly a plane. Enjoy the joyride with your partner and take a chance to live one’s dream of flying a plane with a microlight flying experience.

Romantic Candlelight Dinner In A Farmhouse

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This is your chance to rekindle your love, rediscover your significant other in a whole new light and relive all those memories that make you smile once a while! With just flower petals & candles lighting up the whole place and majestic gardens adding to the beauty of the whole place, this is the experience you need to reboot your romance!
Head out for a lovely farmhouse where a special and romantic candlelight dinner would be set up for you. And this is where it gets interesting!

Romantic Getaway 

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Get the pure heavenly pleasure of soaking in the romantic jacuzzi jets in the privacy of your villa with glorious surroundings is an almost indescribable feeling.

Harley Ride

harley ride experience for a couple

A romantic things list to do in Bangalore won’t end until you go for a long ride on a Harley.

Private Movie Watching Experience In PVR

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Everyone wants to enjoy the exclusive movie watching experience in PVR, for the right reasons of course. How about giving your better half the one? Take a chance to spend a quality time with your loved one by watching a romantic or movie.

Candlelight Dinner Under Helipad

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Take your romance to further heights, with a candlelight dinner on a helipad. A breathtaking view of the city assured.


Hope these ideas get those romantic juices flowing, and as always, if you’ve got other ideas for us, we’d love to hear them!

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