Birthday Surprise Ideas: A Unique Surprise Guide For The Men In Your Life

candlelight dinner on valentine's day

Surprising the men in your life can be a task. There are scores of birthday surprises for the men in your life. Perfect for a father, brother, husband, boyfriend or a friend, this birthday surprises for him guide has everything to make their day special. While there are hundreds of options out there, perfect for some birthday lovin’. The men in your life, as special as they are, the surprise they feel should be nothing short of the mind-blowing.

So, to help make this task a good piece of cake for you, we have compiled a guide with some of the best birthday surprises for the men in your life. Here’s a scoop of some super amazing, fun, unforgettable birthday surprises for him.


Surprises For Father:

Joyride With Dad

microlight flying experience

Has your Dad always wanted a joyride in a plane but never got the chance? Give Dad the thrill of a flying with our unique microlight flying surprise. You and your father can go for a ride and can take a pleasure of seeing an aerial view of the city. The gift of flying experience is such a memorable one and an adventure of a lifetime that he’ll never forget.

Fine Dining with Dad


candlelight dinner

For the man who has pampered you all your life, it’s your time to show him how much he deserves to be pampered. There can be no better way to pamper a man than feeding him good food.  Set up a romantic date night for your dad and mum at one of the city’s classy restaurants and let love take over.

Spa Day:

spa experience for dad

Dad doesn’t need your permission to pamper himself, but receiving the surprise of a spa is a great excuse for Dad to take time out to focus on relaxing the body and mind!


Dad Cupcakes:

cupcakes for dad

The key to any dad’s heart is through his stomach :). A simple ‘love you’ might not do so add a little surprise to it by ordering these delectable cupcakes on his birthday.


Surprises For Brother



If your brother is an adventurous soul then let him fly high with this paragliding experience. This is one perfect surprise for any brother, who is your arch nemesis, your best friend, your savior and pillow-talk philosopher.

Harley Ride:

harley ride surprise

Men love a good mean machine, not only do they adore her, but when it comes to bikes, they are also surprisingly responsible. If your brother has an undying love for bikes then rent out a Harley Davidson for him for a day. Let him take this mother of all bikes out for a spin and it’ll be his best birthday, ever.

Wine Tasting:

birthday gifts for men

Does your brother love wine? A great birthday surprise for brothers who love wine is a good old wine tasting tour. Something that can go along with this experience is a pair of winemaking experience to up his wine tasting quotient.

Party hard celebrate hard:

birthday surprises for men

Who says sisters can’t be cool, arrange a trendy party for your brother and his peeps at one of the city’s most happening spots. Show him who’s the cooler sibling with this birthday surprise for him.


Gifts for Husband/Boyfriend:

Coming up with romantic surprise ideas for the love of your life isn’t as easy as it seems. Whether you’ve gotten into a relationship, in the honeymoon phase of your marriage, or have been married for as long as you can remember. Every man deserves to be treated specially by his woman. And that’s why a surprise that you give him should be nothing short of mind-blowing. We’ve listed the best list of birthday gifts for him to help you up their birthday quotient by a million.

Birthday Under The Stars

tent camping with husband

Nothing can get as romantic as celebrating your man’s birthday under the starlit sky. Take him to tent camping on the eve of his birthday. And as you set up camp, make the grand wish when the clock strikes 12 am. You could either take a cake along or make a cake with some bread and jam, in a classic movie style. This will be one birthday that he will never forget.

Harley Ride

harley ride surprise for husband

Men have a soft corner when it comes to handling a mean machine. So when it’s about the mother of all bikes, there’s no chance your man won’t like it. Gift him a rented Harley for the weekend and see how his face lights up. Who knows, this birthday surprise may also transform into a mini vacation for the two of you. A pair of good biker gloves is always a good gift to go with this.

Spa Date

spa date for husband

This is one thing that your partner won’t be expecting. Surprise him with an indulging spa date. A couple’s spa should help him release all that tensed nodes in his body and leave him refreshed and spectacularly rejuvenated.

Microlight Flying Experience:

flying experience for couple

Everyone would have at some point in life wanted to fly a plane. This birthday surprise for him guide will help your man live his dream. Give your old man a chance to live his dream of flying a plane this time with a microlight flying experience. With this experience, he can live his dream of co-piloting a plane under expert guidance, of course.

Wine Tour

wine tour experience for husband

Wine, the true essence of romance is one of the best birthday surprises for him. Go beyond just gifting your partner a bottle of wine on his birthday and opt for something more unique. Take him out on a vineyard tour and surprise him with a wine tasting session.

Romantic Moonlight Dinner

moonlight dinner with husband

Last but not least, the most romantic candlelight dinner, though it’s common and usual still it is the best surprise ever on your special day. If you want to pamper him, take him for the most romantic moonlight dinner at the best hotel in the city. Imagine a dreamy set, soothing music, a chill in the air, exclusive wines to lift the spirit and beautifully created gourmet dishes to complete the evening in the moonlight. You will win his heart all over again, creating a special memory for life.


Is there anything else that you would like to add on? Kindly share your views in the comments section below.


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