Decor ideas to spruce up your home on Anniversary

anniversary decoration ideas

An anniversary is an occasion which brings back the very best memories of your married life. It is also an occasion to celebrate the number of years a couple has been together, starting from the very first anniversary all the way to the 100th! Celebrating an anniversary is a wonderful way to rekindle old flames and remind each other how special your relationship is. There’s no wrong in celebrating your anniversary with the usual dinner and a movie. But if you’re looking to do something different, romantic and sensual this year, here are creative ideas to decorate the home,  where this special day and ends up! Spice up your love life in the most romantic ambiance.


Candles And Rose petals:

There is nothing romantic than roses and candles. Roses are known as the symbol of love and beauty since ages. That is why they have always been an essential part of the surprise. But, the uses of this gorgeous flowers and candles are not just limited to expressing love or enhancing the beauty of a place. Take a chance once again to propose her on her special day with rose petals and candles.

rose petals and candle surprise


Balcony Date:

Don’t limit your date just till your bedroom, take it out in the open, under the sky, under the stars with blankets, chilled wine and lots of memories to talk about and new ones to make!

romantic dinner at home


Warm Up Your Wall:

Sometimes all you need is a cozy mattress, fairy lights, bedroom painting ideas and a photo montage of your love story to make your better half get awestruck!

anniversary surprise for husband


Make Use Of Romantic Rose Flowers:

The rose might be the perfect flower: elegant, sumptuous, and fragrant. Gather this gorgeous blossom into arrangements that shine in their simplicity.

romantic surprise ideas for husband


Love In The Air!

Turn your bedroom into a symbol of love with red balloons that are complimented with your white/silver bed sheet and rose petals scattered across.

balloon surprise ideas for anniversary



If you have unique decor ideas to spice up your home on the anniversary that we can add to the list, then feel free to share.

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