Most Romantic Candle light Dinner Places In Delhi

candlelight dinner in delhi

Delhi is at its prettiest in winter, as terraces open up and you can soak in some much-needed romance. Nothing can be more romantic than fresh, cool breeze, falling golden leaves and the aroma of fall around you. So why not use this romantic setting to impress the love of your life and make the night memorable? There’s no denying that romance and food go hand in hand. If a lot can happen over a cup of coffee, imagine what will happen if you take the love of your life to one of the best restaurants for a romantic candle light dinner in Delhi.

We have listed some of the Delhi based romantic restaurants where you can have a dreamy date with your bae over some amazing food to please your taste buds.


Private Rooftop Dinner

candlelight dinner in delhi

Time for an exotic dinner! Take your sweetheart out for a private rooftop setting dinner in the relaxed environment. Your whole experience is curated – the rooftop is harmoniously decorated just for you. All this sets the tone for you to enjoy your 3-course cuisine dinner, and intimate with your loved one!


Candlelight Dinner With Stay

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Surprise your sweetheart with a romantic candlelight dinner including an overnight luxurious stay. Enjoy a glass of sparkling wine with emotional ambiance full of love. The wonderfully warm atmosphere of the candlelight intensifies the spark between you.


Romantic Dining With Private Movie Screening

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There are a few days when you wish to leave the world behind and spend some most romantic and quality time with your partner commemorating your journey together. Dedicate an evening to your love – sweep them out for the most romantic candlelight dinner just for the two of you along with a private movie screening with lovely decorations around!


Romantic Rooftop Candlelight Dinner

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This place is well-connected to all parts of Delhi but still is away from its hustle- bustle, giving you a peaceful environment. As you reach there, you will escort to the rooftop, harmoniously decorated with candles and flowers setting a romantic tone for the evening ahead. This completely private space gives way to an intimate conversation with your partner. The blend of a sumptuous meal, romantic ambiance, and soothing atmosphere, within an affordable range, is a rarity in itself.


Romantic Cabana Dining

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Need some serious time alone with just your partner with the world fading away in the background where it really belongs? Head out for a resort nestled on the outskirts of Delhi, where a special 3-course candlelight dinner would be set up just for you.


Indoor Candlelight Dinner Along With Stay

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Imagine a dreamy setting with romantic red balloons and rose petals, soothing music, a chill in the air, exclusive wines to lift the spirit, beautifully created gourmet dishes and romantic stay to complete the evening. You will win her heart all over again, creating a special memory for life, besides also showing her how much you care in this royal palace.


Exclusive Poolside Dining

poolside candlelight dinner

Appreciate a paralleled poolside dinner as you delight in a romantic visit with your loved one. Relish a delectable candlelight dinner by the pool, delight that will cast its shine in your wonderful poolside dining area, where you will get a private space all to yourself! Reenergize your relationship and sentiment with this experience that will without a doubt be one of its kind.


People say that a life without love is only half-lived. And when you are in love, these romantic restaurants in Delhi let you indulge all the more in your life, feeling the heartfelt moments all the more closely,  and the enthralling smile that’s exchanged so easy to forgive yet so hard to forget.

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