10 Most Romantic Birthday Surprise Ideas For Boyfriend In Mumbai

surprise ideas for boyfriend

It goes without saying that your birthday is definitely the most special and exciting day for you. But if we were to come up with the second most important birthday (and by that we mean one that you need to plan as specially as you would for your birthday) it’s got to be your boyfriend’s. One of the best ways to express your deep love for your boyfriend and make his birthday really special for him by planning a special surprise. And let’s face it, sometimes planning the perfect birthday for him can be very stressful, but the look on the face of your boyfriend and the admiration that you would get from him will make all these efforts totally worth it. “Surprises” generally make the occasion thrilling and exciting. We present to you some awesome surprise ideas for your boyfriend’s birthday!


Where You Met

After spending a good relationship with your boyfriend for so long (probably), how many moments and places you still remember in your mind? I am not sure about all the moments you remember or not, but I can surely say that you still remember the place you first met. You still have all those memories as fresh as yesterday. Correct me if I am wrong but I think I am not because we really don’t miss out those first memories we have.

birthday surprise ideas

So you might be thinking what’s the plan? It is really simple. You need to blindfold him and take him to the place where you first met. If it was a beach, then take him silently to the beach and spot where you first met and make him remember all those things you first did. Believe me, this is the best surprise ever.


Flying Experience

flying experience for a couple

You can definitely sweep your boy off his feet and give him the cloud 9 feels, by taking a ride on a privately chartered flight. He’ll find himself inside an aircraft, thousands of feet off the ground!


Romantic Drone Surprise

drone proposal

If you are looking for a modern way to surprise then you’re in luck! Romantic tech-fans will now be able to surprise to their other half via a professionally piloted drone, which delivers the personalized message to a prearranged location on cue.


Musical Surprise

guitar surprise for loved one

Things that cannot be expressed in words are better done with songs. Surprise her by sending home a professional guitarist and make the special day a little extra special with a musical surprise.At a time of your choice, a guitarist will knock on the special person’s door. The moment your loved one appears, the guitarist will break into songs of your choice and wishes your special one along with cake and rose bouquet.


Romantic Long Drive On Harley

harley ride experience for a couple

Sweep him away from the monotonous daily life and surprise him by taking on a long drive on Harley Davidson. This will be a perfect getaway and you will get some quality time to spend.


Flashmob Surprise:

flash mob surprise

How does it feel when the crowd is dancing for your special one? Take notes girls, this one is a sure shot winner idea if you are planning a perfect surprise for your boy. Or you can also join the crowd for dance to make it more memorable for him. Don’t forget to capture those moments.


Hidden Love Notes

It often happens that after being in a relationship for some time, couples tend to stop expressing their feelings for each other. It does not mean that they stop loving each other, it’s just that they no longer feel the need to tell the other person how special they are. However, no matter how long you’ve been in a relationship.

balloons with secret messages

So, on his birthday, let him know exactly how much he means to you in a special way through some love notes. You can prepare small love notes for him, and not just one or two notes, make ten or even more notes and hide them inside the balloons and ask him to search for it. These love notes are surely going to surprise him and at the same time feel extremely loved and special on his birthday.


Rose petals And Candles

rose petals and candle surprise

There is nothing romantic than roses and candles. Roses are known as the symbol of love and beauty since ages. That is why they have always been an essential part of the surprise. But, the uses of this gorgeous flowers and candles are not just limited to expressing love or enhancing the beauty of a place. Take a chance to propose him on his special day with rose petals and candles.


Photo Balloons

balloon surprise for boyfriend

Bring out the old albums and collect all the beautiful and old pictures and hang the best photos of you both which he doesn’t remember to the balloons in his room before he wakes up. He’ll be shell-shocked when he opens his eyes in the morning.


A Getaway With His Close Friends

surprise ideas for boyfriend

Being in a relationship for so long, he might not have given time to his friends (I might be wrong also). If it’s true plan a getaway for him with his friends. This will be a perfect surprise and a chance for him to find himself, also your relationship will get brownie points!


This birthday make sure that your boyfriend comes to know that he has the best girlfriend in the whole world, by using any of the above ideas for giving him the best birthday surprise ever. If you have unique birthday surprise ideas for a boyfriend that we can add to the list, then feel free to share.

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