8 Great Tips To Plan A Memorable And Romantic Dinner At Home

romantic dinner ideas at home

When was the last time you had a romantic dinner with your spouse? You don’t need to have a special occasion to host a romantic dinner for your spouse. Candlelight dinner is the most beautiful and romantic date for any loving couple. But you don’t always need to go out to a crowded restaurant in hopes of a romantic dinner. You can celebrate those blissful moments with your beau in the quaint solitude of your home itself. We are giving you some great tips here with which you too will be able to set a memorable candlelight dinner just for the two of you.


How to Plan a Romantic Dinner At Home for Your Spouse:

1. Plan your romantic dinner on an evening of a week that you are sure your spouse won’t have other time commitments already scheduled.

2. Do you want the romantic dinner to be a surprise or not? If it is a surprise, light candles and spread the rose petals in the entrance of your home to surprise your spouse.

rose petal pathway


3. If the dinner won’t be a surprise, consider giving your spouse an invitation that you write yourself. Send the invitation by email, leave it on your mate’s pillow, send it with a bouquet of flowers, leave it on the dash of your spouse’s car or you want something unique send a giant teddy or noddy to your spouse along with bouquet with personalized placards with messages.



4. Set the table with a tablecloth, cloth napkins, nice dinnerware, crystal, unscented candles, and flowers. The napkins can be rolled or folded in a pretty way.

candlelight dinner


5. Sprinkle the table with rose petals or sparky heart-shaped sprinkles. You can set floating candles in small glasses filled partly with cranberry juice or wine.

6. Choose the music you want to listen to ahead of time, and have soft romantic music playing in the background.

7. Create dimmed lighting for the room where you will be dining. Small, white light strings can have the desired look. So can a fire in a fireplace.

8. Turn off the television, computers, and other distractions.



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