10 Romantic Wedding Poses Every Couple Should Try!

wedding poses

A wedding album is the most precious keepsake for a couple. Every couple wants it to be filled with the most beautiful, romantic and unique photographs. To achieve this, many couples and photographers stick to some poses that are universally accepted and loved for years. The traditional style of photography offered no scope for creativity and the wedding album of any couple during those days was full of monotonous. Modern Indian couples are playing on utter creativity for their wedding photography nowadays, so why should you slack? Sometimes, making slight changes to the classic poses can make a photograph unique. Experimenting and trying out different styles brings out the chemistry and warmth that a couple shares.

Scroll down, as we give you some classic, ever-loved wedding poses and some fun ones to make your wedding photographs speak volumes about the grandeur and jubilation of your biggest life-event.


1. A Romantic Hug

The hug is one of the most romantic and cute-looking wedding poses that a couple can have in their wedding album. It can either be a simple warm hug or the groom could hold the bride from the back.

wedding shoot


2. Go All Candid

Candid shots are the best among all which bring a smile on your lovely faces while you are watching your wedding album together.

candid photoshoot


3. The Wedding Vows

There’s no best feeling than having your wedding vows perfectly captured so that you can relive them each time you see those clicks.

wedding vows photography


4. The Romantic

This one’s really the most beautiful and every couple’s secret wish to capture some romantic close moments which will be definitely soul-gratifying.

pre wedding shoot


5. The Mehndi Glory

No Indian wedding is complete without the artistic impressions of ‘mehendi’ all over the hands and feet of the bride adding up further glamour to her blooming glow. Pose your ‘mehendi’ designs serenely before the camera and let the world look at the snaps later in awe.

mehndi shoot


6. The Romantic Silhouette

Get a dreamy black and white silhouette shot for your romantic moments.

pre wedding photoshoot


7. The Dance Of Love

Don’t forget to capture your lovely dance moments that can be cherished later on.

couple photshoot


8. Get A little Naughty

These can be some great additions to the wedding album. The photographer can click as many candid shots as the couple goes absolutely crazy and makes some fun, naughty, mischievous gestures

pre wedding photo shoot


9. The Fun Side

The Indian wedding poses today can talk for the fun mood of the wedding. Capturing the unique free spirited bond between the couple especially if they are fun loving, will make for great quirky pictures that will be a reminder of how the couple thoroughly enjoyed their own wedding.

wedding photo shoot


10. The Lehenga View

The vibe of one’s wedding-day is such that every bride looks bewitchingly gorgeous with all the elaborate sheen and shimmer of her bridal costume and jewelry.


bridal photo shoot


The above ideas are romantic and fun to be tried in any Indian Wedding, modern or traditional. However hiring a good wedding photographer is a prerequisite for a perfect wedding photo shoot.

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