Easy DIY Balloon Arch for your Home Party

Nothing celebrates the playfulness of summer quite like balloons. Balloons are a budget-conscious and colorful means for decorating any event. The only limit is your creative energy and knot-tying strength! Don’t you think it will be fun to make your own party decoration instead of taking a service of a party decoration vendor? Making a fun balloon arch can be a great addition to your party or event. It is easy to make a balloon arch. Follow these steps to learn balloon arch and how to do it yourself from scratch that would look great as a table centerpiece.

Take and look and have a blast!


Here’s all you’ll need to make yours:


Approximately 60 latex balloons in multiple colors (You can choose balloons and it’s colors according to your requirement), wire, wire cutters, balloon pump.

Step 1: Start by blowing up at least 4 balloons in every color. (Each layer of the arch requires 4 balloons)

Step 2: Tie 2 balloons of the same color together (your choice). Repeat with the other 2 balloons of that color.

Step 3: Twist both sets of tied balloons together.


Step 4: Then twist the 4 balloons around a long piece of wire. (Don’t wire until you’ve finished attaching all the balloons)

Step 5: Arrange the balloons around the wire so they’re shaped like a 4 leaf clover.

Step 6: Repeat steps 2-5 with all balloon colors. Push all the colors together tightly.



Step 7: Center on a table and stabilize with tape.

You can use this easy DIY balloon arch as cake table centerpiece (if it is birthday). Not only for a birthday you can use it as decoration for any event like a baby shower, naming ceremony etc.


How do you decorate with balloons for parties? What other birthday party DIY tricks would you like to see on Evibe.in? Talk to us in the comments below.

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  1. I LOVE this, thank you! I always wanted to do Balloons, I LOVE them! You make it look so easy, I will try to do one. Again thank you!

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