How Ashish Perfectly Planned his Bachelor PAR-TAY !!!

Ashish had already been engaged months back in a private family gathering and now it was time for his wedding. Every guy thinks of a bachelor party before getting hitched. Ashish too wanted his bachelor party to be grand, but somehow he knew that it would not possible as all his friends had got settled in different cities. He wasn’t excited for his bachelor’s party as none of his friends knew that he was getting married. When they got to know about his marriage all his friends were very happy and was willing to show up for his wedding. He had been longing to spend time with his friends since years and that was finally going to happen. In Spite of his friends promising him to show up before marriage Ashish’s hopes were quite low, but to a surprise, all his friends showed up a week before his marriage.


Ashish was not prepared for it. He did not have any place to got to celebrate his party. While searching on the internet he came across He found his bachelor party farm where he could spend some time with his friends.

Ashish was looking for some private place like farmhouse where he and his friends could celebrate and enjoy the time together without any disturbance. Ashish browsed all the options for a bachelor party on the website. The complete pictures, inclusion, and terms were clearly mentioned for him to take a decision. He was really happy to come across a farmhouse that matched his requirement. He didn’t give it a second thought and finalized it immediately. Ashish made the payment immediately and the place was booked. It was all done in a couple of seconds.


Ashish and his friends had a great time at the farm. The place was perfect for their gathering and enjoying amidst the greenery. All the fun activities possible were arranged to make him enjoy his last days of freedom. After a hearty BBQ with locally grown chicken and craft beer, the anticipation for the next thing was playing everyone’s favorite Truth and Dare game.

 A Glimpse of Ashish’s Bachelor Party

We were delighted to be a part of Ashish’s perfect bachelor party celebration. Here are the direct words and a few pictures from Ashish’s Bachelor Party.

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Ashish says, “Quite a great experience and nice coordination among the hospitality members. It’s truly awesome that there are places like this where you can be free to roam, even sometimes just outside your door. Looking forward to making many more bookings”.


Such words we always thrive on listening to from each customer. We always love being part of any celebration be it big or small. We believe in providing all those services which could give you ultimate joy. As per our customers, is one of the very few ones who is providing awesome services for bachelor’s party – where people want to celebrate special achievements, say goodbye to bachelorhood with style, youth birthdays & much more.


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