Hyderabad Birthday planners- Best Kids entertainment activities for birthday party

It’s easy to make sure your child has the very best birthday. Including fun birthday party activities and games for kids make it special and fun. There will be a chance for kids to participate in games and activities that are not available on their everyday list of fun things to do. Give your child a birthday party to remember with these fun and energetic entertainment activities that will make them scream out of joy.


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Nail Artist:

Birthday nail art is quite a popular choice for the occasion of a birthday. Our Experienced Nail artists professionally entertain the whole party, leaving each and everyone with divine decorated nails to parade, hand art & crafts to create, designer nails to keep and fantastic party memories to share.


Balloon Shooting Counter:

Games which use balloons are fun. Balloon shooting with colorful attractive balloons to shoot at aim. Good entertainment and time pass for kids and entire crowd.


Cotton Candy Counter:

Cotton Candy is a huge puppy pink mass that evokes memories of childhood in adults. Children are fascinated towards cotton candy and they spend many happy times munching them. For your little child’s birthday, we’ll have a separate candy floss section where cotton candies will be oozing with airy pink fibers.


Popcorn Counter:

Popcorns are loved by people of all ages, right from tiny tots to adults. Being light, in no time the whole popcorn box gets empty and you are left wishing for more.


Caricature Artist:

Caricature art is a great return gift for kids and guests. Our caricature artists will make your event a blast!  In just mere moments, our artists will sketch hilarious cartoon pictures of you and your guests.  Kids are enthralled, adults are entertained, and everyone leaves with a caricature as a party favor.


Stage Magic Show:

Magic is really popular for kids, Stage magic show goes perfectly for a birthday party. It’s something that kids and crowd don’t get bored of, a magician will give your kids a show that’s amazing, amusing and absolutely unforgettable.


Dance Only Puppet Show:

Who doesn’t love puppets? It’s a unique and rare art form which is known to be the most complexed one to manipulate. The kids and guests will get the real theater decorum while watching this puppet show.


Tattoo Artist:

Tattoos have always had a mystic, artistic, sensuous feel associated with them. Most people would want to try wearing a tattoo sometime in their lifetime. Temporary tattoos are great for kids and adults. They add fun and excitement to any party. Temporary tattoos allow kids to show off their creative side and get a cool new look.


Pottery Art:

Pottery art can be a creative activity for everyone irrespective of age. By this pottery set up, everyone can enjoy making different pottery. Pots can be taken away as return gifts.


Bouncing Castle:

Bouncing castles are a hit among children. Hours pass off jumping on them, the best way to spend a birthday party!


Emcee Games:

Emcee will bring in more excitement to your party with his innovative and engaging games. The Emcee will be very interactive and there will be a chance for everyone to participate in games and activities conducted by Emcee.


No longer will the kids have the birthday party next door,  we at Evibe.in ensure every birthday party is distinct, with the best blend of imagination and fun activities that work for both adults and kids!


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