10 Best standard birthday cakes in Hyderabad

Birthday cakes are the natural centerpiece for every birthday party. A birthday party wouldn’t be complete without the perfect cake. Cutting cakes never go out of fashion, it isn’t about the cake or the birthday song. The joy a person gets while cutting the cake can’t be replaced with any kind of celebration. Apart from birthday and anniversary cakes, you land up buying cakes for almost all special occasions. There is a palette of different choices when it comes to deciding on a birthday cake. So, we present you the best standard cakes which are available in a variety of designs and flavors too.



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Beautiful Rose Cake

Beautiful rosette-covered iced cakes are going wild for good reason! They are so pretty, feminine and best of all, simple yet elegant. Plus, they are perfect for your little princess birthday party or your best girlfriend’s birthday bash.


Yummy Choco Chip Cake

Chocolate chips are a childhood favorite, and is it any wonder why? They make everything better: decadent cakes, bite-size cupcakes, and, of course, those cookies! Take pound cake to a new level of indulgence by adding chocolate chips


White Forest Cake

This stunning cake, for all its simplicity, is a winner. It is elegant, delicate and delicious, the perfect cake for a birthday or any occasion. It also makes for an outstanding dessert!


Yellow Rose Pineapple Cake

This Pineapple Cake became a family favorite, perfect for celebrating a birthday and the best of life’s special moments. This cake is stunningly designed with yellow rose on the top that would definitely delight birthday boy/girl.


Chocolate Fetish Cake

Delight your friends, family, and guests with rich flavors and distinctive fetish cake for the ones who are obsessed with chocolate. Our customized chocolate fetish flavors make spectacular, flavorful centerpieces and distinguished cake for every occasion.


Yummy Gems Cake

Kids love to eat gems. How about getting gems chocolate on their birthday?This delectable cake with layers of chocolate sponge with chocolate truffle cream, topped with gems and surrounded by bars of KitKat chocolate would perfectly for kid’s birthday party.


Chocolate Magic Cake

A chocolate magic cake will blow your mind with its look and taste. Magic cake, at its basic level, is one very loose cake batter that magically turns into a three-layered chocolate cake by itself.


Silk Chocolate Cake

Silk Chocolate Cake will satisfy any chocolate lover’s craving. The cake itself is dense and moist, just like proper chocolate cake should be with a touch of silk. It’s pure heaven! It is dreamy silk chocolate heaven right there.


Delicious Sparkle Cake


Sparkle cakes are the hottest new design that’s trending and is being enjoyed lately. A little sparkle can take your cake decorating from sweet to simply spectacular. Sparkles on the cake not only adds color to the cake but also to the party.


Rainbow Cake

Rainbow cakes do not only look ridiculously amazing but also makes a big impression on kids. Slice it, and you’ll find a rainbow of pastel color inside. It makes a fun birthday cake, the design style of cake decoration is super simple yet perfect for a child’s party.


Well, these are just few cake options that will surely bring joy and delight to a child of any age. Explore more such stunningly designed standard and theme cakes at Evibe.in that would amaze your kid.

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