How to celebrate kid’s birthday party at home within a budget in Hyderabad

When we all want to throw an unforgettable birthday party for our kids, you might be tempted to spend more than you can afford to make your child’s dreams come true. Today’s celebrations have become way more elaborate, with excessive price tags to match. If given house rental fees and venue package prices, house parties are generally more affordable. They are the most pocket-friendly locations.You can hold a fabulous kids party with little money, and still, have your kid in awe. By keeping it small, picking a fun theme, and providing snacks, a cake and a variety of games, you can throw a memorable party without spending much.

Here are a few ideas that could help you make the party a hit..



Organizing parties around a theme is a smart way to stay focused. While decorations help determine whether a party feels happening or low, don’t stress about dressing the whole house. We are there to help you out with theme decorations for a home birthday party which comes within a budget.



Balloons are inexpensive and fun. You often get them at a reasonable price. Regular balloons may not float but are good for colorful and easy decoration. Hanging balloons from the ceiling with candy in it and drawing them when the party is about to end as gifts for children. You could write messages on balloons for a personal touch. Balloons are also fun for games such as relay races, volleyball games for small kids.



Going out and purchasing an expensive, beautifully decorated cake may be eye-catching, but if you’re trying to cut costs. Instead, consider ordering a cake online which would cut down time and cost spent on going and purchasing. You could get any designs you want or even get a small toy added on the cake of a cartoon or TV character your little one is fond.



Entertainment activities can make or break a kid’s birthday party, but they don’t have to cost much or anything at all. If your child is into crafting, let the kids make simple crafts with some toys. When choosing which games and activities to run at your child’s birthday party, just be sure to consider that the game should be easy and fun at the same time.   


Everyone goes through the phase when they are confused about what food items to keep for the party. The largest expense of a party tends to be food and drink. Sandwiches, pizza, chili, hamburgers and hot dogs are cost effective if made at home. For a birthday party, kids focus on a cake anyway. Keep it to cake or cupcakes, ice cream, milk, juice or soda.

Party Favours:

When you’re planning your own child’s birthday party, you don’t want to spend money and waste time on party favors that you know will end up in the dustbin. You can come up with some cool, creative party favor ideas that you can pull together yourself on the cheap, and still leave a lasting impression on your little party goers.



Well, you don’t need to do all these things, our partners are there to help you out with all the arrangements for a home birthday party which comes within a budget.

Now you can book all your party needs in three simple steps. Go over to now to plan your complete party online.



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  1. Most importantly your budget. Festive party does not mean have to spend a lot, is it? Create a party with a theme as interesting as possible. Choose a theme that kids would love like fairy tales, pirates, superheroes or other cartoons. Do not forget to prepare a variety of games that most kids love and you can be creative with a variety of foods that you can serve at your child’s party. To buy party accessories and other necessities, you can buy at by online without having to leave the house. Easy shopping solutions for all your party needs.

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