Top10 hot themes for your kids birthday party in Hyderabad

 Theme parties are trending and children love the theme party, they certainly get excited when something new comes along. Just turning a year older, your child would want a birthday party memories that he is going to cherish for a lifetime. Look for party themes that are good, and make an effort to pick a theme that is exclusive.

Even if you think you’ve seen it all, we’re pretty sure these unique birthday party themes will set your party apart from the others.

1. Minion Theme Decor: 



Minion has been blowing people’s mind since a very long time. Get them to your child’s party by decorating everything minion style. Bake few mini minion cupcakes to get you child’s friends woo over them.


2. Underwater Theme Decor:



Your child is ready to have a whale of a good time with an ocean themed birthday party with his best friends. Get ready for an adventure when you invite his friends to party and sing happy birthday surrounded by aquatic creatures! They’ll enjoy ocean-themed treats, challenge each other to under the water themed adventures and will be surrounded by fishes and whales.


3. Elegant princess Butterfly Theme Decor:



Every parent treats their daughter like a princess. It would be the best to make them feel like one on their birthday. Get them dressed as a princess and rule the party.


4. Angrybird 3D Theme Decor:



Decorate the party in Angry Birds colors  – red, yellow, black and touches of blue. Bring the pigs into the party by setting up one side of the party in greens and the other in angry birds colors.


5. Star and Moon Theme Decor: 



Often children stop crying when they see the stars twinkling in the sky. Decorate the room with twinkling stars and moon to amaze your child.


6. Frozen 3D Theme Decor:



Everyone dream of becoming a person who is strong and has magical powers. Let your baby girl live the life of frozen and make her feel strong and powerful to lead the world.


7. Castle Theme Decor:



Create a Royal Ball for your little princess on her next birthday. Have royal princess theme party conducting various activities.


8. Hot Air Balloon Theme Decor: 



Everyone wants to fly so high up into the sky and see the world from the top. Get your party decorated with hot air balloon decorations that are unique and which will make u feel on the top and also add colors to the party.


9. Minnie Theme Decoration:



Minnie Mouse makes a great birthday party theme for kids of all ages.  Also a great birthday party theme choice for siblings and twins.


10. Disney Theme Decor:



Nothing can be better than a birthday party where all your child’s favorite cartoon characters are present.



Well, decorations are just a part of your kid’s birthday party. How about have a magician, or a tattoo artist? How about arranging food for your guests and entertaining them with fun games? Yes, now you can book all your party needs in three simple steps. Go over to now to plan your complete party online.




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