A Smart Person’s Way To Book A Venue

One of the first things you’ll think about when your special occasion is fast approaching is to find a good venue. Once you find the perfect venue, the rest of those details (color, style, decor and so on) should quickly fall into place. But how do we decide which is the perfect venue for us? Well, a roomy fit, partying areas, lighting, a great view and plenty of parking are the essentials for a venue to celebrate any occasion. Let it be birthdays, engagement or reception.

And how do we go about booking this perfect venue of yours? And first of all how will you find this venue out of the blue? Okay, okay. You have found your perfect venue. After that? What if it’s already booked? What if the number of guests are more than the capacity? And so on, the questions are numerous but the solution is only one. Gather all the venues you feel are perfect for your special occasion, take out around a week’s time out of your tight schedule to visit these places and then decide which is the perfect one.


Well now all your efforts to book a venue will be minimized as we have simplified the process for you. And trust me it’s much simpler than selling your phone on olx. Here we go!


Visit evibe.in


Visit our page evibe.in and go to the venue deals page and choose from various deals available based on your guest count, food menu and venue location.


Find the perfect venue


Pick the venue which suits your occasion and matches your style and we will give you a deal according to your guest count and the menu style you want.


Pay token advance


Pay a token advance of 10% so that we will block this deal for you and check the availability of the venue for your special occasion and will get back to you in no time. You know what’s more relieving is that the token advance is 100% refundable if you are not satisfied with the venue.


Visit and book



After the confirmation of availability you will have 24 hours to visit the place so that you can make the customization you want and if you are satisfied with all the essentials, you can proceed with the booking by paying the advance amount (includes the token advance). The Venue manager will ensure everything is done as per your requirement.


So, You just booked a venue in just a couple of days where it used to take around a week or two. Yes, you have successfully booked a venue but there are things which are more complex like choosing your food menu and decorations and entertainment options and the list is long but the time is limited. So, why don’t you have a look at our other offerings to plan your entire party hassle free. Click here.






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